Pictures of Women in Charedi Publications

In the last few decades, chareidi publications have stopped publishing pictures of women. In the past, however, photos of women were commonly published in frum publications. Upon researching this recent trend, we learned that for most of these publications, the decision is economic, not halachic. There are a growing number of frum women and men who believe it is detrimental for women not to be shown in any photos, especially in magazines that are marketed directly for frum women, and that the negative impact on the chinuch of our children and on many frum women outweighs any perceived benefits of this practice that has no precedent in our mesorah.

We would like to show these publications that there is in fact an economic factor - that they will get more of our business by putting women back in. You can now be part of this petition and "pre-order" a subscription, to show magazines that they will gain more customers by including (tzanua) women's pictures. A yearly subscription one of these Orthodox Jewish magazines costs $179. Would you be willing to commit to a subscription if women were to be put back in? Or are you a current subscriber who would welcome this change?

Your name will be kept private and no money is required at this time.

*We are a group of concerned women and mothers and will not gain monetarily in any way from this petition*

Some of the rabbanim and individuals who are backing this petition include:

Rabbi Yakov Horowitz, Dean, Yeshiva Darchei Noam Director, Center for Jewish Family Life/Project YES, who wrote "This petition has my full support and my wife and I will be signing it today."

Rabbi Ilan Feldman, mara d'asra Beth Jacob Atlanta who said:
“The refusal to publish women’s pictures is the ultimate irony. In the name of modesty, women are objectified, turned into objects who cannot be portrayed at all in public. It is as if their physical existence is an invitation to sin. The ultimate degradation of women.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Adlerstein, editor Cross Currents (

Additionally, Rabbi Dovid Cohen shlita, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, and Dr. Leslie Klein spoke about the lack of precedence for this practice on Dovid Lichtenstein's Headlines Radio Show on 3/25/17 ( Rabbi Dovid Cohen who said that not publishing pictures of women is not halacha or minhag, but is due to "sales competion" between the frum publications.

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