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Event Date: Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

The Science Expo is a chance for students explore their favorite area of science or be an inventor. They’ll have fun demonstrating their knowledge at a festive exposition at Baucom Elementary School!

The Expo will be held Tuesday, February 11th. Classes will take tours of the Expo during the school day. Parent Night will begin at 6:30pm. During Parent Night, scientists will do fun, hands-on demonstrations and activities with the kids! Participants will also be paired with a scientist for a supportive evaluation of their project. All participants will receive a Project Display Board with Title Board (per project if students are collaborating), Certificate, Ribbon, and other fun PRIZES!

Students can choose to partner with siblings or friends (cost is $5/student). 5th grade students are welcome to reuse their Science Fair projects at the Expo (cost is $4/student).

Science Expo Guidelines are available here:
Check out the Baucom Elementary Science Expo Facebook page for tips and updates and to see pictures from previous years:
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