Parent Involvement in School
SST parents we appreciate your feedback to help your child's campus and our districts improve on parent involvement. Please take this survey to help use this in your Campus Needs Assessment (CNA) and Campus Improvement Plan (CIP). We will also use data for our DNA and DIP at the district level. We thank you for your time. Survey questions are directly from TEA/Region 16.
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This school has a great deal of parent involvement *
This school is parent friendly. *
Parents come to school events in large numbers. *
Parents serve as volunteers in the building. *
Parents need advice on how best to help their children. *
Parents want to be more involved then they are now. *
When parents are more involved in the school, students do better academically. *
Parents serve on important school committees. *
Parents need assistance to understand their role in the school. *
The PVC/PTO/NEST/etc., is an active and effective part of the school *
Teachers call home with good news about my child. *
I call the teacher(s) to discuss concerns I have. *
I come to most school events. *
I am aware of the curriculum that my child is learning. *
The school publishes a parent newsletter regularly. *
The school asks parents for their opinions on the school and its programs. *
I am offered a variety of school-based workshops to assist me in helping my child. *
The school uses a variety of ways to contact me. *
I receive information in a language I can understand. *
I would come if i were invited to help out at the school. *
SST is very appreciative that you took time to give us feedback! Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!
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