University Affairs Intern 2018
You will work alongside the ASUW Director of University Affairs who works closely with UW faculty and administrators to ensure students have adequate representation at the administrative level of the University. You will take away considerable knowledge about how UW, as well as the State Legislature, operates on a higher level. Additionally, the Director of University Affairs oversees the ASUW Office of Government Relations and is closely involved in lobbying efforts. As an intern here are some of your responsibilities:

• Bring the student voice to discussions about University policy, practices, and standards.
• Represent the ASUW on numerous committees and councils such as Faculty Council on Student Affairs, University Transportation Committee, Faculty Senate, Faulty Council on Research, Course Fee Review Committee, and Faculty Council on Multicultural Affairs.
• Help prepare for meetings and take on self-directed projects.
• Have a say in discussions about admissions, competitive majors, UW's budget, affordability, capital projects, and countless other issues that may come up.

Time commitment will be 3-5 hours per week, but schedules are flexible. There will be one mandatory meeting per week for all interns and appointees to University Affairs to network, collaborate, and ask questions. 3-4 intern positions are open. This application closes Thursday, January 18th at 11:59pm. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Navid Azodi, ASUW Director of University Affairs at

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