YJP Executive Board Applications 2019
Thank you for your interest in running for an Executive Committee position for YJP 2019!

Below and on the next page (pages 1-2) you will find a brief description of each executive board position, as well as the general qualifications we are looking for.

On pages 3-4, you will be asked to complete a short list of questions before being re-directed to the Executive Board application pages.

-You MUST be at least 24 years old by January 1, 2019 to apply for any Position.

If you have any questions, please email chairs@yjp.jaina.org.
Finance Director
The primary duties of the Director of Finance shall include, but not be limited to:
● Tracking and maintaining YJP’s finances (expenditures and revenue) in accordance to JAINA’s guidelines,
including, but not limited to:
○ Monthly recurring payments; and
○ Budgets for regional retreats/national conventions
● Actively supporting the Regional Coordinators in planning events/regional retreats by (for example)
reviewing contracts with the Co­-Chairs, negotiating discounts with vendors (if applicable) and helping
budget overall expenses (e.g., food, session materials, registration prices);
● Working with JAINA in issuing YJP’s checks to owed parties for items including retreat expenses; general
expenses; and convention expenses.
● Reimbursing Executive Board members for items including: approved travel expenses; approved retreat
expenses; and approved general expenses.
● Delivering reports on the status of YJP’s finances to the Co-­Chairs every Quarter.
● Seeking innovative ways to make YJP financially self-­sufficient;
● Initiating and coordinating fundraising projects with Executive Board members and Local Representatives
from various sanghs and regions;
● Creating and maintaining a list of fundraising projects for the year with specific goals and deadlines;
● Reviewing list(s) of previous fundraising projects to determine successes and suggests improvements;
● Creating and/or expanding on a consolidated YJP donor database;
● Locating Jain friendly organizations willing to partner at YJP’s events;
● Developing long term relationships with businesses and organizations that share Jain values; and
● Identifying areas of saving resources by utilizing JAINA’s non-­profit status.
Public Relations Director
The primary duties of the Director of Public Relations include, but not be limited to:
● Providing content with the website and working closely with the Technology Director to make sure it is
properly and timely uploaded.
● Coordinate professional spotlight interviews by initiating contact with potential interviewees, performing the
interview, and promoting the interview on various digital platforms.
● Develop LinkedIn strategy including relevant topics for discussion, job postings from businesses and
increasing number of group members.
● Developing Facebook and Twitter strategies.
● Developing new ways to reach membership and initiatives to energize membership
● Working closely with the Regional Coordinators to create graphics and fliers to promotes events.
● Creating advertising materials for projects and activities, including following established brand guidelines
● Submitting content on all social media
Communications Director
The primary duties of the Director of Public Communications shall include, but not be limited to:
● Managing the newsletter process and its publication, including:
○ Having access to and know how to use MailChimp
○ Having access to and know how to use LucidPress
○ Gathering and editing content, including articles, recipes, stories, event recaps, photos
● Producing targeted emails using MailChimp
● Creating Facebook events, Google Forms for RSVPs, and collages for all regional events
● Recording minutes during monthly Board meetings and sending them to the Advisory Board
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