World Internet Security Summit 2014 (10 Dec @ Cyberport)
The World Internet Security Summit (WISS) is an annual signature information security conference leaded by Internet Society Hong Kong. The first conference will be held on 10 Dec 2014 at Cyberport, which will focus on how information security professionals can address the ever-changing security landscape and challenges ahead. It will also provide the participants with an opportunity to understand emerging technologies and techniques. Please join us and network with our speakers from all over the world.
Date: 10 Dec 2014 (Wed)
Time: 2pm-5:30pm
Venue: Function Room 1-3, Level 3, Core E, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong
Language: English
Fee: $100/ head (Members of Host, Co-hosts, Sponsor and Supporting Organisations are FREE of charge)
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