#BufferedReaders is like an online "book-club" where we read and discuss articles, books, blogs.

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#BufferedReaders Guidelines
Be committed to reading the materials. Discussions all stem from the materials. While all opinions are welcome and accepted, they should be informed. It's ok if you can't always participate, but we ask you only participate when you've taken the time to read the material.

Be supportive of every member. They're part of the community for a reason. Part of growth is learning not to put people down, but lifting them up. You may disagree with someone, but don't disrespect them.

Be honest with yourself and the community. If you're not here to put in the work, or looking to promote something, you'll be removed from the group.

Be yourself. While we respect everyone's privacy, we also believe it's important to the community that everyone accurately represent who they are. Use a real profile picture, use your real name.

Be professional. Anyone found to be violating the guidelines, being disrespectful, harassing, or otherwise not actively participating in the group will be removed.
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