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Queen Bee Coaching - A Pankhurst Trust Service provides a coaching service to women who are able to demonstrate a potential to be leaders in work or civic society and who do not have the financial or organisational support to access coaching. The service is at no cost to the client and provides volunteer experienced women coaches who have contributed to the world of work and/or civic society.

Coaches themselves are offered ILM accredited development support and will be able to actively contribute to the continued development of the services. We ask for a minimum of coaching one client for a minimum of three coaching sessions, maximum of six sessions. The initial session is up to 1.5 hours, subsequent ones are around one hour over the following months.

If you want to join us as a volunteer coach, please complete this form, along with the Equal Opportunities questionnaire (link at the bottom of this form).
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Please note that the following details may be collated to build a profile of the project and so may be made available to others (anonymously) e.g. potential clients, 3rd party referring organisations or project publicity. Please complete the information as you would wish it to be shared.
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Please summarise your coaching experience in 150-200 words (This might include summary of client profiles (e.g housing managers), sectors/organisations (e.g charities, retail), length of experience, common issues explored (e.g conflict resolution)) *
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Do you have to overcome any barriers to equality as well as being a woman? Please select as many as are applicable. *
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We anticipate at least the initial meeting will be face to face with your client. In what areas of Greater Manchester are you able to meet? Please select as many as are applicable. *
What times of day are convenient for you to coach your client? Please select as many as are applicable. *
We may have clients whose first language is not English. Are you conversationally fluent in any languages that you would be willing to use in your coaching? Please confirm details. *
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If you think we’ve not asked you for something that will support your application, please summarise it here.
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Disclosure of criminal records and police clearance.
A criminal record will not necessarily exclude you from employment .The information provided will be treated as strictly confidential and will only be considered in relation to the job for which you are applying. You are required to disclose any ‘unspent’ criminal convictions in line with the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

However, if you are applying for work which involves substantial opportunity for access to children or vulnerable adults, you are required to give details of criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings even if they are regarded as ‘spent’. The amendments to the Exceptions Order 1975 (2013) provide that certain spent convictions and cautions are 'protected' and are not subject to disclosure to employers, and cannot be taken into account. Guidance and criteria on the filtering of these cautions and convictions can be found at the Disclosure and Barring Service website www.gov.uk .Should you identify that you have a criminal record this will be discussed in confidence at interview.
Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offence which is not ‘protected’? If yes, please ask for disclosure form. *
What happens next?
Please follow this link to fill out the equal opportunities form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfi7KlWujFGsS52pqh0qtqX_-4cexRoGBupnz_Gm-YQuDP-wQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
Your application form will be reviewed by members of the Steering Group. This is followed by: 1. A selection interview – to explore your application further 2. Reference/recommendation – this should ideally be from a contact who has directly been involved with you providing coaching, e.g as a client or a recognised body/trainer/employer. Please provide a reference/recommendation below. Note: We will not contact them until after the selection interview.
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We aim to provide all candidates with feedback of their application as part of our commitment to continuing professional development.
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We confirm that our recruitment and selection is covered by the Pankhurst’s Equal Opportunities and Confidentiality Policies.
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