2020 Mentor Hackathon Mentor Signup
The Boulder 2020 Hackathon is currently in planning, but is expected to be held in early summer 2020 in Boulder, Colorado. Mentor applications are currently open and will be evaluated for acceptance to the hackathon.
A representative of Fluid Numerics will reach out to notify of acceptance/rejection of your application. If accepted, Fluid Numerics will schedule an onboarding call to familiarize you with your HPC developer team and the hackathon process.

The goals and scope of this hackathon include :
* Help HPC software developers port and tune their applications on GPU and multi-GPU platforms (AMD and Nvidia hardware)

* Build experience in HPC developers on ARM architectures and vectorization

* Help HPC software developers plan, strategize, and implement performance-portable software changes.

* Build experience in the system administration teams on fluid-slurm-gcp and Google Cloud Platform

* Foster open communication and collaboration between system administration teams and software developers

* Provide a platform for the open exchange of ideas while providing a space for those who just want to hack through code with their team

Disclaimer :
This form is used to help us match High Performance Computing experts with attendees at our hackathons. The information collected here is used solely for finding ideal mentor-attendee connections to drive success at our workshops. Occasionally, you'll receive e-mails from FluidNumerics, LLC about upcoming events and will be asked to participate as a mentor. The Optional information requested helps us better understand the education levels, age groups, and locations that help our hackathons be successful.

We do not share your contact information and demographic information with third-parties for advertising and marketing.

We look forward to building a community of HPC experts with you !
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