Rain Pants: Feedbacks needed to design the World's Best Waterproof Rain Pants
This survey will help cyclists have a better experience while riding bicycle under the rain.

We need your help to make the World's Best Waterproof Rain Pants for cyclists. We are still making prototypes so your point of view really matters in order to implement your suggestions in your next.

Thank you so much for helping this idea become a reality.

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Please watch first this video where we present the Rain Pants first prototype!
Let's ride this survey. When you first saw the rain pants, what was your overall impression of it?
Sweet. What do you like most about it?
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… and what do you think could still be improved?
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And how innovative is the product?
Not innovative
Very innovative
Total honesty — how much do you need the product?
If you could buy the product today, would you?
What solution do you currently use to protect your legs from the rain? (precise brand)
If you have one, what are the problems you have with your actual solution?
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Would you like front pockets on your Rain pants?
Would you like some reflective on your rain pants?
How likely are you to recommend this product to someone you know?
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
Any thoughts you would like to share regarding the waterproof socks?
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Free speech moment! Anything you would like to tell us, any questions or comments regarding our company?
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