Family Engagement Survey

Our school values your involvement in your child’s academic career. We are asking for your input and opinion regarding the best ways to communicate, methods to get families involved and strategies to support your child.
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Part 1
1. How do you like to get information? *
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2. When is the best time to reach you? *
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3. What are the most important things for you to know about school? *
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4. What are the most important things for you to know about your child? *
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5. How would you like to be involved in our class this year?
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6. What does your family enjoy doing together? (i.e. playing board games)
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7. What is a fun fact about your family? (i.e. you have a famous ancestor)
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8. What is one hope you have for your child? Our school?
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9. Is there any information (concerns, background information) that you would like to share?
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10. Does your family speak a second language? What language?
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Part 2
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My child’s school is very good about staying in touch with me (i.e. letters, emails, phone calls, etc)
Communication from my child’s school is easy to read and understand
I can easily navigate through Canvas in order to find information needed to support my child
I am aware that I can request a meeting to learn about what is going on in the school (i.e. my child’s progress, issues, policies)
There are many different ways that I can be involved with the school, either at the school itself, at home or in the community
When I volunteer at the school, I am given the training and resources to do my task well, if needed
I receive regular updates from the teacher regarding my child’s progress
My child’s teacher(s) offer various teaching styles to meet the academic needs of my child
My child’s teacher(s) holds high expectations for my child
I am asked what my goals are for my child’s learning
I am asked about my child’s talents and strengths
I am given information about community services that help with families’ needs (adult education, job, health, mental health, etc)
My involvement in my child’s education is valued at my school
My child’s school respects all cultures and diversity
I would use the following supports if they were offered: Translator
I would use the following supports if they were offered: Networking with other families
I would use the following supports if they were offered: Canvas information sessions
Your child’s grade level
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