2019 Detroit Fine Art Fair Application
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Image links can be from Facebook, website, Pinterest, etc.. If you have no images of your work online anywhere, email five images of your work, of of these, one image must be of your set up, to detroitfaf@gmail.com. Returning artists need not send images if their work isn't substantially different from last year's.
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Artist's Agreement *
PLEASE READ ALL REQUIREMENTS:   Failure to read all of this can result in exclusion with booth fee not refunded!  Please keep a copy for your records, and be considerate of the FAF staff’s time by making sure any questions aren’t answered in this Agreement BEFORE ASKING them, thank you. As a participant of the 2019 Detroit Fine Art Fair® (dFAF), I fully agree to the following: I recognize and acknowledge that I assume full risk of any injury, property damage or loss, which I may sustain as a result of my participation in any and all activities connected with or associated with my participation in the dFAF. Furthermore, I understand that I should carry my own insurance and that I participate with my products on site at my own risk. I agree to waive and relinquish all claims I may have against dFAF, the City of Detroit, the Old Miami, and all associated sponsors and staff of the dFAF and agents thereof from any and all claims other parties may have resulting from injuries, damage, or loss caused by, arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with the activities of the dFAF. I acknowledge that I may not be permitted to exhibit each of the items I wish to display. I understand that all photos and other materials I submit as part of the application process will become the property of dFAF for use in promotion and marketing. I understand that while I may request a specific booth location, there are no guarantees that I will necessarily receive the booth space that I request. I agree to pay all the necessary fees set forth in this application. I understand that funds will be deposited upon receipt. I further understand that if I cancel my application before July 10, 2019, I will receive a full refund for my booth fee (late fees are not refundable) minus a $10 jury fee which will be returned via paypal less paypal fees after the 2018 dFAF. I understand that all cancellations must be made in writing and must be postmarked, emailed, or faxed by no later than July 1, 2018, and that absolutely no refunds will be considered after July 10, 2019. I understand that, in the event of dFAF cancellation due to weather and/or other unforeseen issues, exhibitor fees will not be refunded. I agree to be present for the entire duration of the FAF: 11am-8pm, 8/11/18 I agree that if I have not arrived and set up by 10am on Saturday, August 11, 2018, or if I leave the dFAF early, I forfeit my booth space and all fees. If I intend to be late, I must acknowledge this to the Event Manager or I may forfeit my booth space. I agree that all demonstrations and exhibits may be photographed for publicity purposes. As a vendor participating in the Fine Art Fair® on 8/10/19, I agree to make every effort to distribute only locally recyclable, compostable or reusable items. I will purchase appropriate recyclable or compostable or reusable materials for the event. I also agree to sort my discards and recycle appropriate items and properly dispose of all other waste items during the event. • All work must be that of the artists. No reselling. No exceptions. No sharing of booths unless both/all artists are represented on single application, included in images, and accepted to dFAF • Display must remain within designated space • Artists and Musicians keep 100% of all sales. Musicians will have access to a merchandise table to sell their CDs, t-shirts, other miscellaneous band merchandise. • Booth spaces are 11 foot square, on grass, outdoors, in the backyard patio of the Old Miami, Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI. Artists must supply their own display materials, tents, lighting (if desired, must be fluorescent or LED), tables, chairs, etc. • No electricity is provided by dFAF, artists are free to provide their own, generator use MUST be approved beforehand. • Set Up is from 8am until 10:30am Saturday, August 10, 2019. You may park your vehicle in front of the Old Miami on Cass while unloading; it must be moved immediately after unloading, before set up, so others have a chance to unload, too! Please do NOT park in front of the Old Miami after unloading, leave good spaces for your customers! • Complete Tear Down is allowed after 8 pm on Saturday, August 10. • You are responsible for collecting and paying applicable sales taxes. • All tents must be weighted, NO exceptions. Each weight must be at least 35 pounds: Four are required, one for each corner of your tent. Your tent will be checked after set up, if you are found to not have the required weights, you will be asked to leave, because flying tents cause damage and injury to other people and their merchandise! Unweighted tents are a danger and major safety hazard, so weight them, NO stakes! • No smoking inside tents, no burning incense, potpourri, or other potentially offensive odors, no loud radios (use earphones!) unless approved and juried sale items. Be considerate of your neighbors! If you’re selling any scented items, please note this on this application, thank you. • Anyone can be escorted from the Fair, at any time, for behaviour deemed to be interfering with the overall enjoyment of the Fair, or for violating any of the rules and requests. NO exceptions. It is at the Fair Staff's discretion to determine unacceptable behaviour; security will be present for everyone's safety. • No adult themed (18+ over type) materials should be viewable by children, keep it discreet and out of children’s sight. • It is YOUR responsibility to notify dFAF if ANY of the information on this application changes- address, phone, email– The Fair assumes no responsibility for inaccurate information given by you to it. • Fine Art Fair® (dFAF) believes in equal opportunities for all artists, visitors, merchants, and organizations and will actively seek fair evaluation of all applications. We do not allow personal beliefs to conflict with application consideration, and we will pursue an equal balance of portraying each side of any issue, topic, or concern. In selecting participants, criteria may include past history, the promptness of application arrival, and event area accommodations. dFAF reserves the right to deny acceptance of any applicant if past experience or other factors warrant exclusion. Vendors who wish to share a booth: If you wish to share a booth at the 2019 dFAF you must make arrangements to pay your portion ($25 shared booth fee) of the full application fees with the person with whom you plan to share a booth. It is YOUR responsibility to communicate with the person you are sharing with regarding all communications with dFAF. If you wish to receive email notifications you must send your email address with Subject: “artist sharing booth” to detroitfaf@gmail.com to be put on the mailing list.
NOTE: To be considered for acceptance, follow these directions, please:  1) open a new tab, submit your booth fee via pay pal link below THEN 2) COME BACK HERE, SCROLL DOWN, AND CLICK "SUBMIT" BUTTON below.  Once your pay pal booth fee AND application have BOTH been received, you will receive a confirmation email notice.  Please send $100 booth fee via http://www.detroitfaf.com/DonationviaPayPal.html  ***Refunds will be given to artists NOT accepted no later than August 1, 2019. *
After submitting your booth fee, SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK "SUBMIT" BUTTON below.  Once your pay pal booth fee has been received, you will receive a confirmation notice. Any questions should be directed to detroitfaf@gmail.com
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