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This form is designed to gather essential information for your Custom Computer Building Request. It helps us understand your specific needs and preferences for creating a unique and high-performance computer. Whether it’s for gaming, video editing, programming, or general use, our goal is to build a computer that perfectly fits your requirements. Please fill out this form to help us provide you with the best possible service. Thank you for choosing us for your custom computer building needs
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  • What will be the primary use of the custom computer?

What is your budget for this custom computer build?

Do you have a preference for the computer’s operating system?
What type of processor are you interested in? *
What type of CPU cooling solution would you like?
How much RAM would you like your Custom PC to have? *
  • Do you plan on multitasking or running memory-intensive applications?
What type of Storage would you like to use? *
  • Will you use Solid State Drives (SSD), Hard Disk Drives (HDD), or a combination of both?
  • Do you need fast read/write speeds (consider NVMe SSDs)?
How much storage do you think you will need? *
  • Please consider all of the things you want to save on your computer.
  • If you are planning on using this as a Media computer or Graphical Design PC to consider the higher storage option or maybe a cloud storage option. 

Do you need a graphics card? If so, what kind?

  • Do you plan on gaming or using graphic-intensive applications?
  • What resolution, frame rate, and graphical settings do you aim to achieve?

Do you have any specific requirements for the motherboard?

Please list some of the apps/ games you plan on using that you know will be heavy performance apps/ games.
Which type of Motherboard would you like? *
  • Does the motherboard support all the other components you've chosen?
  • Does it have enough expansion slots and ports for your needs?
What kind of computer case do you prefer?

Do you need peripherals included in the build?

 (Monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, etc.)

Do you have any specific brands or models you prefer for any of the components?


Do you plan on overclocking your computer?


Do you have any other specific requirements or preferences for your custom computer build?

This should include if you would like RGB lighting on different components? (Examples: Motherboard, RAM, Fans, Glass Case, and Lighted Cables.)
Would you like multiple PCs built?
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