Welcome to the application of Operation Taiga!
The conflict in Östmark has now come to such a tensed one that no side can keep on hiding behind politics, speeches and diplomacy.
After months of arguing between supposed leaders of the People's Liberation Militia and the people in charge of the political decisions in the west both sides have now come to the conclusion that the only way to get either way through is to the use of violence.

The NATSOC nations have agreed to finally move in on what is the first held bigger town in the outskirts of PLM territory.
Since the breakdown of the state, PLM have however been the people organizing food, medical supplies and somewhat education to the civilian population who have decided the stay.
There is no official word on when if NATSOC is actually moving in, but the rebels are definitely waiting for something big to happen after the last months clashes between NATSOC forces in smaller locations around the outskirts of Ösmark end especially the last hostage rescue situation happening deep inside PLMs territory, where they all thought they were safe.

In the town of Ekdala, a small group of civilians have stayed behind, refusing to give up any of their rightfully owned land to either PLM or any other armed group. Still, a lot of the rebels are somehow connected to the people living on the land, either by family ties or friendships. The PLM have also been bringing everything the population need to sustain somewhat quality of life.

What nobody has noticed yet, is that something is stirring in the east...

The game will feature cohesive gameplay with different missions for all units represented on the PME website. Find the unit who suits you the best and get to do what you always wanted to do in airsoft but in a more respectable and real way.
When you join this event you can expect everything from kidnappings, ambushes, special operations, assassinations, combat search and rescue, infiltration, night raids, strategery and the physical and psychological pressure that comes with it.


This game is IN GAME 24/7
This means that you have to sleep with your safety goggles on at all times.
There will be no option to sleep inside. Your accomodation is "In Game" in tents provided either by you or PME crew.

This game will feature 3 versions of tickets, each one suited for every milsimer. This will give the option for more players to participate in the battle of Östmark in their own way.

The 3 day ticket is for the hardcore Milsim player. These tickets are quite limited and will be restricted to a few units on each side.

The 2 day ticket is for the player who do not have the money or time to go on a 3 day event but still want to be a part of this series. There will be a higher amount of these tickets, to represent reinforcements on both sides. The 2 day ticket is how ever considered to be for the dedicated milsim player.

The civilian ticket is free of charge. This ticket is for for the LARP player who want to take part of this game as the civilian population of Ekdala and Ösmark. You will be able to participate in diplomacy, interact with soldiers and experience a milsim event on the front row.
This ticket will also give you the opportunity to join one of the sides for the last day and its battles. To do this you do need to participate in the whole game.
2 meals of food will be provided for the players that buy this ticket.
Civilian players have to pay 250:- in deposit. This money will be repaid after the event has taken place.

When: 20/4 - 22/4 - 2018, game starts 16:00 on Friday and finishes 17:00 on Sunday
Place: Räddningsskolan Rosersberg
Gametype: Milsim/LARP
Rules: https://milsimexperience.com/rules/
Contact: milsimexperience@gmail.com, tel: 0708780439
Web: milsimexperience.com NOTE- under construction

Ticket price:
3 days - 750 kr (650 kr for NATSOC Special Forces, Scout Snipers & RUSFOR)
2 days - 650 kr (550 kr for NATSOC Special Forces, Scout Snipers & RUSFOR)
Civilian - FREE (250 kr deposit will be refunded after the event has taken place)

NOTE: Payed ticket will not be refundable. If you have payed for your ticket and still can not attend the event, you are able to sell your ticket to another participant. In this case, you need to contact PME crew in advance.
Only paid tickets will ensure you a spot in the event.
Civilian players have to pay 250:- in deposit. This money will be repaid after the event has taken place.

Ticket release will open February 28th

Before we come to the fun part of picking teams and such, we need to collect some vital information from you.
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