Barneveld 2020 Summer Reading Registration
This year's summer reading program is titled "Our Stories Together" and will involve a community reading challenge. As a community, we hope to read one book for every resident of Barneveld (1,253). The number of books we read will determine the amount of money (up to $400 or more!) to be donated to a charitable community organization on behalf of the Barneveld Summer Library Program Readers. Individual gift cards will be awarded for the most books read in each of the three categories: child, youth, and adult.

Use this form to register everyone in your household who wishes to participate in the Summer Reading Program. After you register the last reader in your household, keep clicking "next" until you get to the end of the form. The form will register up to 8 readers. Please call 608-924-3711 if you need to register more than eight. We will then send you an e-mail with information on record-keeping and reporting your progress.

I would like to post our progress on the community goal and our leading readers on our Website and Facebook page. If you do not wish to have your family's names included on social media, you may create usernames. I will also report leaders by household if you want to challenge your friends and neighbors to read.

I'm look forward to a summer of sharing our stories, experiences, and community pride!

Shari Sailing
Barneveld Public Library Director

What is your household name? (Your family's last name is preferred, but you may also create a fun username for your team of readers. ) *
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