Art Submission Form for Autism Awareness NEPA

Artists are able to submit one piece per person. Any art larger than 36" will require approval prior to entry. Any work on loose paper, including photographs, must be framed. ART MEDIUM NOT ACCEPTED will include; jewelry, construction paper, non-fixed materials, structures that are not stable, and paintings that are not completely dry. All art submissions need to be created by the artist.
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Parent name if Artist is under 18 or if parent is assisting their child with form completion. *
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Physical mailing address of artist; *
Do you have an Autism diagnosis? *
What is the title of your art piece? *
What medium is the piece you are submitting? Examples are paint on canvas, framed pencil drawing, woodworking piece, framed charcoal drawing, etc. *
What is the overall size of your submission? *
Please describe your piece of art. This will help in adding details to the auction. *
What value would you put on your piece? *
Did you sign your piece? (All work needs to be signed) *
AANEPA will make arrangements to complete a 'No Contact' exchange as early as possible. Are you able to meet with a member of AANEPA at a public location in the upper Luzerne County area to submit your art donation? *
All art submissions that comply with parameters outlined above, will be included in the auction. AANEPA will determine how art is presented. Do you agree to these terms? *
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