Preliminary Application for Nationally Competitive post-graduate Awards
In order to receive the full support of the Office of Scholar Development in drafting your application materials, choosing recommenders, and choosing a program of study abroad, please complete this form by July 10, 2017.

This form is meant to serve as a guideline so that we might best help you hone your application before the internal deadline of September 8, 2017, except for the Schwarzman application which is due on August 11, 2017. All application materials, including recommendations, should be submitted to the Office of Scholar Development by the internal deadline.

Please contact Dr. Anne Moore, Program Specialist ( with questions.

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Please Include, with appropriate headings, the following information: 1) Tufts degree(s) earned/anticipated and years, 2) Non-Tufts study, including undergraduate study abroad, 3) Cumulative GPA, 4) GPA in area of proposed graduate study, 5) Academic Honors & Awards, 6) Publications & Presentations, 7) Non-Academic Honors & Awards, and 8) Leadership Roles (need not carry titles)
Planned Referees *
Please list your anticipated referred below, including their name, affiliation, connection to you, and email address. All proposed referees should know you well and be aware of your plans for graduate study. List no more names than recommendations permitted for the relevant application(s) plus two alternate referees. For example, if applying for the Rhodes Scholarship, you should list between 5 and 8 referees and 2 alternates.
What are your professional aspirations? What issues, needs, or problems do you hope to address? Indicate in which discipline(s) or field(s) you are considering making your career, including specific positions/roles you aspire to. Specify how your academic program and graduate educational plans will assist you in achieving your goals (no more than 250 words).
Describe any previous or current research experience. Include the length and duration of your work, organization and departments where the research took place, who advised your work, and presentations or publications of the results (no more than 250 words).
Describe one specific example of your leadership. Please include details on your role with the activity and the impact of your involvement (no more than 250 words).
Tell us why the specific graduate program(s) listed above are of interest to you. Include a brief description of the degree program and indicate any specific faculty or researchers with whom you would like to work. Also explain why you have chosen the particular institution(s) (no more than 250 words).
Please share any additional personal or educational information which may be relevant to your candidacy for a UK nomination (no more than 250 words).
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