Distance Learning Recording Consent Form-Kinder
To ensure that family privacy needs are met, we are asking you to complete this consent form.
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I hereby consent to Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School, use, and/or disclosure of information about my child through video conferencing and recording applications and other manual and/or electronic procedures utilized within course instruction. I understand that my child is participating in a virtual academic setting and that the information collected is a part of the remote classroom experience currently being utilized. This consent form covers all forms of remote learning courses. Your child’s name, image, likeness, speech, typed or written content, and course information may be transmitted during video portions of remote learning and online instruction. The information supplied to the teaching staff and/or Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School is meant solely for educational and class-related use. These videos will be available for download so that Ridgeline students can view them online or offline in coordination with their daily instruction. Any use of said virtual academic content outside of Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter school’s teaching staff or administrator approved use, such as uploading or sharing of said video content to a third-party website, personal website, or a social media account is strictly prohibited. *
By typing your name (First and Last) below and submitting this form you are digitally signing this form and indicating your student's inclusion or exclusion from video or audio recordings.
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