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The Accessibility in STEM subcommittee is a section of the UC System Disability Ad Hoc Committee. We are dedicated to increase access to opportunities for disabled students in STEM, remove barriers to access within the UC STEM curriculum and resources, provide support and advocacy to disabled students in STEM, and work to increase professional development opportunities for students in STEM.

Thank you for your interest in being featured in our Disabled Profiles in STEM!

Filling this form out indicates to us that you are interested, but nothing will be published in the profiles until you have communicated with our staff via email.

Following the completion of this form, you will receive an email from our staff with the interview questions and a reiteration of our privacy policies; you do not have to answer a question that you are uncomfortable answering, and you decide how you are identified (while we encourage you to be as open and proud as possible, you are more than welcome to remain anonymous).

The first emails will be sent out the week of January 4th, and submissions following the 4th will be responded to on a rolling basis (likely within a few days).
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