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Thank you for wanting to be a part of Bravo Starz INTERtainment™! Bravo Starz™ is a different way of doing things - Virtual Bookings and Live Virtual Performances - than you may be used to, starting with this application; It is lengthy but it helps us to cover all the bases in sourcing world-class VIRTUAL talent for Bravo Starz Events.

We designed Bravo Starz for people like you, as a result of seeing so many talented performers struggle without being able to do the work they love during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have friends who are Broadway singers and dancers who went from well-paid show-of-a-lifetime incomes to NONE, overnight! As lifelong patrons of the arts with a wide corporate network, we couldn't just sit by and do nothing. We believe virtual isn't going away. It may have been "just a substitute" in a pre-Covid world, but in a Covid and post-Covid world, our goal is to make virtual events better! That's where you come in...

Bravo Starz is for talented artists who are looking for a means to make income during times when 1) stage and in-person performances are not available 2) tough times such as Covid impact your world 3) you experience downtimes or in between your regular gigs. Why? Because corporate America and others don't realize what an untapped resource you are; ready and willing to appear LIVE and perform VIRTUALLY, at their events! Bravo Starz allows you to work when you want, with the types of audiences (clients) you choose, and it allows you to do so from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are)! What's better than that?!


Please take the time to fill out this application to the best of your ability providing all the requested information in the format required. This will go a long way to the fast processing of your application. Incomplete applications may take longer to process or may not be considered.

Bravo Starz has a vetting process, whereby once your application goes through first-round approval, you will get a callback to schedule a vetting interview and audition with one of our Elite Bravo Starz. Usually within a week or two.

Please note, because we all contribute to maintaining our stellar reputation, if you are not currently equipped to do Virtual Shows on a number of platforms like Zoom for instance, please be honest! As long as you are willing to learn, this will not disqualify you. And, if you want to find out more about getting set up, one of our Elite Performers is happy to set-up a session with you to give you guidance in this area for a very reasonable fee. But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Break a Leg!

Your Bravo Starz CEO Duo

P.S. Please be patient with us. This is a start-up, and while we are working hard to make it the best it can be, there may still be hiccups along the way. Let us know if you experience any so that we can improve the process. Thank you for your support! You can email us at
The information in this application and the Virtual Stage Guide are subject to change.
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Please fill out this form as an INDIVIDUAL. If you are part of a duo or group, there is a section to gather that information. EACH MEMBER OF A DUO OR GROUP NEEDS TO FILL OUT AN INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION!
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If you have a Stage Name/Band Name/Group Name that you use for performing, list it below. This will be how we refer to you in your Bravo Starz online booking profile.
Email Address (repeated on purpose, please enter it again here) *
If different from above, Gmail Address used in conjunction with your calendar app (our booking platform connects with Google cal). Per the Virtual Stage Guide, if you do not have a Gmail address we recommend you create one for this purpose!
Mobile Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx *
Mailing Address - Full Address/P.O. Box, City, Zip (for internal purposes only) *
Please list ALL of your social media accounts used to promote yourself and your performances AS WELL AS your @username(s) and/or a link to each account. (EX. Instagram@BravoStarz - https://instagram/bravostarz) Be sure to include your video-based social accounts and your LinkedIn account (if you don't have a LinkedIn account, consider it, our targeted clients are businesses). Please follow @BravoStarz, too! *
All performers of Bravo Starz are considered contractors. Contractors will be paid by Bravo Starz (minus commission) after the client pays and after the performance is completed. Bravo Starz plans to use a 3rd party payroll system, which will provide each performer with an IRS 1099-Misc Form (earnings report) at the end of each tax year for income tax purposes. Total Transparency: Bravo Starz takes a 20% commission on each booking/performance..
If you are part of or own a company or corporation for performance payment purposes, please include your "official" business name below. If accepted as talent, you will be required to complete the necessary information through the secure payroll platform. We plan to use a 3rd party payroll for payments and tax purposes.
How did you hear about Bravo Starz? (If a fellow performer referred you please include their name, if you saw an ad on social media, please include the platform.) *
What talent(s) do you plan to bring to Bravo Starz? (Check all that apply.) *
ALL TALENT: If you were marketing your talent, briefly describe yourself as a performer. Use the "talent" categories that you selected above as a part of your description (this is not your full bio - we'll ask for that later). *
At Bravo Starz, you get to decide the types of audiences for whom you are willing to perform. Bravo Starz has a flat-rate pricing model based on the length of service and audience type: Corporate, Personal, Non-profit, Family/Small Business and Political events. The only exception to the set pricing associated with show/service offerings and audience type has to do with the "Bravo Starz Custom Elite Shows". This occurs for two reasons 1) The elite performers who join us by-invitation-only may want to perform for limited audience types at variable rates which are negotiated for each event. 2) Performers who are willing to offer longer shows (1-hr +) and/or shows with bands and groups that are more complex and/or have portions of the show pre-recorded.
The following is a list of audience types. You can read more about these in our VIRTUAL STAGE GUIDE [ADD LINK]. Please check ALL the types of audiences for whom you are willing to perform as a Bravo Star! If ALL, only select the first box. If not ALL, select those that fit your preferences. Please note, you MUST select at least one audience type to be listed as a performer/artist within the Bravo Starz platform. *
Now that you have chosen your audience preferences above, you get to choose the length of shows you would like to perform in. Please note the talent type listed (in ALL CAPS) in the question. If any of the following talent types do not apply to you or your talent(s), skip to the ones that do.
If selected as a Bravo Starz Solo or Duo SINGER, DANCER, SINGING MUSICIAN, I/we would be interested in delivering the following length performances (Check all that apply)
If selected as a Bravo Starz world-class INSTRUMENTALIST, I would be interested in delivering the following length performances (Check all that apply)
As a SINGING MUSICIAN OR INSTRUMENTAL MUSICIAN, please list ALL the instrument(s) you play/are willing to play for virtual events.
As SINGER(s), SINGING MUSICIAN OR INSTRUMENTAL MUSICIAN what is/are your musical genre(s) specialty? (Ex. Broadway, Classical, Jazz, Pop, etc...)
As a DRAG QUEEN (soloist) or Drag QueenZ (duos), I/we would be interested in delivering the following length performances (check all that apply).
As a DRAG QUEEN (soloist) or DRAG QUEENZ (duos), do you
Clear selection
As a MIND, BODY, SPIRIT practitioner, what is your specialty or specialties, that can be performed virtually with groups (e.g. yoga, meditation, energy work, etc.)? List certifications and qualifications.
As a MIND, BODY SPIRIT practitioner, I would be interested in delivering the following length performances (check all that apply).
If you are an EMCEE describe your virtual specialty? (ex. comedy, drag queen as emcee, intuition on how to bring things together, bringing energy to a party, guided virtual weddings and celebrations of life)
As an EMCEE, I would be interested in being available for the following length events (check all that apply):
If you checked DUO, BAND or GROUP above, please fill out this section. If this doesn't apply to you, skip to the next section. Each group or duo should have one point person (this should be someone IN the duo, band or group).
What is the stage name of your DUO, BAND or GROUP? (Yes, we asked this above. Please respond again. Thank you.)
What are the full names of ALL members of your DUO, BAND or GROUP? Include your own name
Full name of the the point person for your duo, band or group (for the purposes of Bravo Starz communications):
Is the point person the same as the person filling out this application (Are you the point person)?
Clear selection
Point person's email address?
Point person's mobile phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx?
What is your DUO/GROUP's talent specialty (check all that apply)?
Please provide the promotional materials requested below and be prepared to provide other requested material after you become a Bravo Star.
Why do you want to be a Bravo Star? *
Please provide us with a detailed bio for promotional purposes. This should be 2-4 paragraphs of narrative that discusses you, your talents, major shows you have performed in (where/theatre/locale if applicable - ex. on Broadway, National Tour), your career highlights, favorite performances, certifications and education (if applicable) AND PLEASE include a focus toward your virtual performances, as well as what audiences can expect from your personal brand of virtual entertainment (What/how will you make them feel, think, do and how will you do it?) You may also include awards and accolades. DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING OUT! (Psst, spelling and grammar counts.) IF YOU ARE ALSO APPLYING AS PART OF A DUO/BAND/GROUP PLEASE PROVIDE A SECOND BIO FOR THAT PURPOSE! Note: We may edit your submission. *
What has been your favorite role or gig and why? *
What is the ROLE/GIG/SHOW you are most known for? *
What is your #1 Career/Performance Highlight! *
Provide a link to your favorite performance where you are the star or prominently featured! If you don't have one, write "None". *
If you have a highlight reel video, please include the link(s) here. If you don't have one, write "None". (You will be required to create a highlight reel exclusively for Bravo Starz use in order to promote you.) *
PROMO PICS & VIDEOS: WITHIN 48-HOURS OF SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION, each performer, is asked to provide up to three (3) high-quality digital images/photos of themselves in .png or .jpg format that are 400 px x 400 px, square. (Please don't make us resize your shots.) We will select one of these shots for your booking profile. We will accept headshots, but prefer shots that show you doing what you do (singer, you playing a guitar, emceeing, yogi, etc.) IF the only pro-quality shot you have is a headshot, please make that one of your selections. You will also need to provide a high quality (at least 720 or 1080 p) VIDEO HIGHLIGHT REEL/MONTAGE that should be no longer than two (2) minutes in length. (Not a link, the actual video). PLEASE DO NOT include any references to your social media accounts in the video - you CAN include your name(s) or stage name(s). We will be uploading your video to the Bravo Starz Vimeo account (and branding it for use with Bravo Starz). KEEP IN MIND YOU ARE PERFORMING 100% TO VIRTUAL AUDIENCES SO PLEASE CONSIDER SHOWCASING THAT TALENT in addition to your stage talents. TO SEND, you will need to create a shared cloud folder (google, dropbox, etc. icloud does not work well for this purpose) and place your pics and video in it (videos do not send well through email), and then share this folder with In the subject line write "YOUR NAME and/or GROUP NAME + APP PICS". IF YOU ARE ALSO APPLYING AS PART OF A DUO/BAND/GROUP PLEASE PROVIDE ADDL PROMO MATERIALS FOR THAT PURPOSE TOO! By providing this information, you agree to allow Bravo Starz to use your likeness and the video to promote your services and performances on the Bravo Starz platform (materials will only be used if you are selected as a Bravo Star). You further agree to release Bravo Starz from liability resulting in the use of your likeness. In addition, you agree to provide this information within 48-hours of your application or you may be disqualified from consideration. Please check YES below to show you understand and agree. *
Have you performed a LIVE VIRTUAL show? *
In the LIVE VIRTUAL SHOW were you...
Clear selection
Tell us about your BEST LIVE VIRTUAL SHOW experience, where you were a performer.
Have you performed LIVE VIRTUALLY for any of the following types of audiences? (check all that apply):
What is the virtual platform that you use to perform most often? (If none, write "None") *
What (if any) of the following virtual platforms are you skilled at using? Check all that apply. *
Do you have the proper equipment to do a live virtual performance? *
Bravo Starz is all about quality World-Class INTERTainment (Internet+Entertainment). Describe your current virtual performance set-up. What equipment does it include? What lessons have you learned in performing live virtually that have led to your current set-up? *
If necessary, are you willing and able to invest time and possibly money in the proper equipment (and training), to meet Bravo Starz live virtual performance standards? *
Things to consider before becoming a Bravo Star that may be different than what you are accustomed. Remember, we are trying to create a new 21st century business model for virtual talent. Think of us like AirBnB for Broadway shows without the reviews. This section covers the fine print for the FINE performers! In order to be a Bravo Star you must agree by Checking YES to all of the following disclosures.
Except for the Elite Custom Shows, all other events are booked online and paid in advance with set pricing per service, which means you don't get to know who your clients are until after they book. ALL SHOWS ARE LIVE, VIRTUAL PERFORMANCES and ALL SHOWS will require your direct collaboration with the client for song preferences, customizations and vision (we'll provide you with a process for doing so). Are you willing to accept event invites (in the audience/service types you selected above), even if you may not know who the client is and what the event is until after booking? If not, go back and review your audience types and only select those you are willing to accept for gigs. Note, we would never want you to be subjected to 'strange events or requests'. We do not support or tolerate any immoral, unethical, discriminatory or degrading behaviors on the part of our clients or talent and would expect that you notify us of such actions, if experienced. Please check YES below to show you understand and agree. *
Bravo Starz requires each performer to to maintain an updated calendar of their availability either on the booking platform or by connecting their google calendar to the booking system Bravo Starz will provide all talent with a login for this purpose. Please check YES below to show you understand and agree. *
Are you willing and able to communicate directly with clients (within 24-hours of booking) and continue to collaborate with them to design your show to meet their needs? (We will provide guidance on this.) Please check YES below to show you understand and agree. *
Bravo stars works on a 100% transparency model. Except for Bravo Starz Elite Custom Shows and Bands (where prices vary by performance and artist), we have a BOOK IN ADVANCE, NO REVIEWS (we do accept positive testimonials for our website and marketing), NO REFUNDS (unless you are a no-show), SET PRICING policy. This means each audience type and service has a set fee that clients will pay when they book your services. Bravo Starz takes a 20% commission on all bookings in order to re-invest in you, the technology, marketing, promotion, etc. (All prices and services are listed on our website.) Please check YES to indicate you understand and agree. *
All Bravo Starz performers, artists, and service providers are considered contractors (see definition in the Virtual Stage Guide). Bravo Starz takes a 20% commission on each performance and the balance goes to you, the service provider (artist/performer). Your payment occurs after the client pays and after the performance is completed. Bravo Starz provides a 1099-Misc IRS Form (earnings report) each year to the service providers/artists for tax purposes. Once selected to be a Bravo Starz contractor, you will be asked to complete a W-9 through our payroll platform for 1099 purposes. Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
As a contractor, you are responsible for the management of your accounting for tax purposes, including knowing whether 1099 employment will affect such things as unemployment benefits. Many performers have companies such as LLC’s or a corporation for their business ventures, including virtual performances. By having a business, many of your associated expenses and income become part of your business entity. We are not lawyers or accountants, please check with yours. Please check YES below to show you understand and agree. *
The Goal of Bravo Starz is to get you gigs. All talent is encouraged to continue to work and seek gigs outside of Bravo Starz via self-promotion, your agents and other means. HOWEVER, by submitting this application you agree that you WILL NOT book gigs (or make side deals) with Bravo Starz clients (or leads that come through Bravo Starz) outside of the Bravo Starz platform; and if a Bravo Starz Client asks you to do so, you will 1) Tell the client they need to book you through Bravo Starz exclusively, and 2) Inform Bravo Starz CEOs of the request and provide the name of the client. Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
Bravo Starz is a start up, and while we will make every possible effort to book gigs for all of our Starz, we do not guarantee all starz will get gigs. Further, we do not guarantee income. The artist agrees to sign up to work with us at their own financial risk. Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
Bravo Starz may use your likeness, resume, career highlights, promotional photos, videos, links and social media posts to promote you on Bravo Starz, in advertising and marketing, on social media and to/with clients. Please check YES below to show you understand and agree. *
We are not lawyers, thus it is each artist's responsibility to know and understand the fine print and limitations of their outside contracts and obligations with other agents and entities, before performing for Bravo Starz. Bravo Starz provides talent for private virtual events--by invitation only--held on private platforms such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx and GoToMeeting. Regardless, artists need to know and understand applicable performance laws and how they apply to their specific performances. Artists will hold harmless Bravo Starz for any and all breaches that result from the artists negligence in reviewing and understanding their outside contracts and agreements and other applicable (copyright) laws. They also agree to forfeit payment in any scenario that violates laws and results in penalties to Bravo Starz. Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
Artists agree that any equipment, sound tracks, materials or otherwise, purchased for their performances, is the sole financial responsibility of the artist and pursuant to the statement above. Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
Artist agrees to be professional, prepared and prompt for all planning meetings and performances/shows pursuant to Bravo Starz Performance Standards. Artist also agrees to learn and effectively execute the internal scheduling/calendar system as well as the post-booking process for responding to client's who have booked your services; from pre-planning how to WOW the client at the show to taking a bow! Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
We have a no refunds policy unless talent/performer is a no show to an event. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but more than one no-show can result in your being removed as a Bravo Starz performer. You are committing to being prompt and managing your calendars so that you never miss a show. Further you agree to forfeit payment if your no-show results in a refund to a client. Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
In lieu of our no reviews and no refunds policy, if there is a dispute between a client and talent, it will be handled through mediation. Mediation means the talent and the client will meet with a Bravo Starz CEO (or designated agent of Bravo Starz) to discuss the problem and possible solutions. Talent is expected to maintain professionalism and diplomacy at all times. While we fully support our talent, it is possible that Bravo Starz could make financial concessions that may affect the talent's final compensation for the event in question. Please check YES to show you understand and agree. *
Are there any legal skeletons lurking in your closet that we need to be aware of? If yes, please explain. NOTE: This will not disqualify you, we simply don't like surprises nor do our clients. Bravo Starz reserves the right to perform a background check on all applicants and performers at any time. *
By typing your FULL name in the following box constitutes your electronic signature where you agree unequivocally to all of the information herein, and you attest that the information you have provided is true and accurate. *
Please insert today's date. *
You will not have a chance to change your responses. Please go back and make sure you've answered all questions that apply to you. Once we've had a chance to review your application, one of our representatives will reach out to you to set up an interview/audition! Break a leg!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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