Free drum lessons
See https://RichGriese.NET/cajon for why you may want to learn to drum.

I own a number of cajons, so if you think you can't learn to play because you don't have a cajon, that's not an obstacle.

If you want me to teach you to drum, answer the questions below. I'll contact you via text and we'll arrange to make it happen.

Your name (first & last) *
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Your mobile number *
Initial contact will be made via text, so make sure you are careful to enter your mobile number accurately. Use format.
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Where do you live? *
I currently teach folks in Nutley, and in person only. There are folks that don't live in Nutley but may go to my church, hang out regularly at the Nutley Starbucks, or otherwise live close enough to Nutley to participate in the Nutley community that I may be able to arrange to teach. If you live in places like San Francisco or Maine far removed from Nutley I won't currently be able to teach you, so it would be a waste of your time to submit the form. One day I may expand to also teach online, but at this point you need to live close enough to Nutley for us to regularly meet to be taught.
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If you are under 18, you will also be asked next to provide a parent's name and mobile number, and the initial text contact will be made with them.
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