Becoming Press LLC Book Review Request
The initial phase of a Becoming Press LLC book review will include a full read of the book in order to make sure it is appropriate for our website.

There is a charge for this full review and the pricing can be found below: 

For books less than 50 pages there will be a $10 project fee plus an additional $1.50/page will be charged.
For books with 50+ pages there will simply be a flat rate of $1.50/per page charged.

Please note these fees are the initial fees which allows us to hire a team of people to read your book. Once we have read your entire book we will send feedback and our thoughts on the book directly to you.

Paying the fee to have us read your book DOES NOT guarantee that we will post your book review on our blog.

If we decide to post our review of your book on the Becoming Press LLC blog then we will make an offer to have your review posted to our blog. There is no additional fee to have your review posted to our blog; however, we are unable to post every book review request we receive, and we will determine which book reviews we would like to post to the blog on a case by case basis.

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