Gard Mo - CSA Club Survey
Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you who were a CSA Club member for our first season ever! We're going through some planning steps to determine how feasible this business is for this winter season, next year, and even the next 3 years. Your feedback is extremely appreciated!
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Part 1: feedback on future concepts
(4 quick questions open to all survey panelists)

1. Which of these winter concepts would you be most likely to sign up for? (check all that apply)

2. Could you see yourself buying produce like this, prepared like this next year and years to come? Or if you haven't been a Gard Mo customer yet, do you plan to become one in the future?

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3. How many Chicago friends or family members do you know who would be a perfect Gard Mo customer?
4. Do you have any suggestions for what we should do for this winter & next year's season?
Part 2: feedback on this summer's CSA Club
(skip if you weren't a summer CSA Club member)

1. How did you feel about the amount of food in each share?

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2. Did produce go bad before you were able to use them?

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3. How did you feel about the value of each share?

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4. How did you like the biweekly frequency? 

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5. Would you recommend the Gard Mo CSA Club to others?
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6. After being a CSA Club member, how do you feel like your food spending has changed?
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7. Do you have any other feedback or suggestions about the CSA Club?
Part 3: Questions for premium members
(please skip if you weren't a premium CSA Club member)
1. How did you find the value of your premium share?
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2. How often did you follow the recipes?
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3. Were the recipes helpful?
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4. Did you enjoy the additional larder items included with each share for premium?
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5. Do you have any other feedback or suggestions on the premium option of the CSA Club?
Thank you for supporting Gard Mo, local farmers, and a zero-waste world!
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