Prospect Heights Community Farm Work Hours Submission
This form is for members to use to submit Work Hours. These include work days, plant sale shifts, snow shoveling, opening the garden for school visits, and other approved activities. The email entered will be used to send a receipt of your submission only.

Please submit each purpose for receiving hours separately, i.e. if you have done pruning, a work day, and a construction project fill out the form three times. Please submit all Work Hours completed so we know how much time garden maintenance takes, but, please remember that at least 60% of your total Service Hours must be Open Hours. Learn more about your Service Hours requirements, including the distinctions between Work Hours and Open Hours here:
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Please note that working compost or Open Hour shifts should NOT be entered via this form. The Compost Team tracks compost shifts and the Open Hours page doubles as the sign-up and tracking system for Open Hours (if you do a shift after the fact, please email Please be specific if you are selecting "Other." Also, as stated above, each activity or shift must be submitted via its own form - i.e. if you have 5 victory garden shifts to submit, you must submit 5 forms.
^Reminder: Please read above re: Open Hours and Compost Shifts^
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