Patricia and Anthony Martone Grant
Ever wanted to get paid to write? Ever wanted to travel around the great state of Indiana? Ever wanted to do both? Then this grant might be right for you!


Dr. Patricia Martone graduated from Butler University in 1953 with a degree in English. While on campus, she wrote for and edited MANUSCRIPTS, the undergraduate literary magazine. Years later, when her son Michael attended Butler, he also wrote for MANUSCRIPTS. Now the author of FORT WAYNE IS SEVENTH ON HITLER'S LIST and many other works, Michael Martone has established this grant in honor of his mother, Dr. Patricia Martone, and his father, Anthony Martone.  
The purpose of the grant is for “providing financial assistance to undergraduate Butler students to conduct research and publish work about the state of Indiana and its citizens with special attention paid to the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and the idea of the Midwest in general.” In short, this grant will allow students to travel the state and write about the experience.


This grant is for undergraduates of Butler University. While preference is given to English majors and minors, and special preference given to MANUSCRIPTS staff members, non-English majors are also invited to apply.

Proposals will be considered by the MANUSCRIPTS leadership team, which consists of the editor, the associate editor, a handful of chairpeople, and the faculty advisor. Members of the leadership team are not eligible to apply for the grant. They have to contemplate the idea of the Midwest on their own dime. Strong candidates will be forwarded to the Chair of the English Department for a final decision. Upon acceptance, the leadership team will contact the grantee to work out details, including the process of reimbursement. Grants are considered on a rolling basis, so apply anytime.


Step 1: Go.

Like, soon. Once your proposal is accepted, you have six months to make it happen. Also--super important--keep your receipts! If you want to get reimbursed, the university needs to see these magical slips of paper. FYI, here are our reimbursement guidelines:

(Yeah, we know it's clunky to roll out the URL like a big ugly scroll, but the form wouldn't let us hyperlink "protocol." THANKS GOOGLE)

Step 2: Write.

Write something creative in response to your trip. This can include prose, poetry, screenplays, etc.

Step 3: Submit.

Submit your creative response to MANUSCRIPTS within a year of your proposal's acceptance. While MANUSCRIPTS cannot guarantee publication of your submission, please know that it will be given full and generous consideration by the editorial staff. If your piece is accepted, it will appear in the print and digital issues of MANUSCRIPTS.

Once you've submitted your creative response, just follow this simple protocol to get reimbursed:

Ready to apply? Keep rolling. The form is up next.
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