PS! Video Games Room - VGOTY 2021 Voting
This is the form to submit up to 5 games you consider to be the best video games of 2020. The video game you list first will be given 5 points in the final results, with second receiving 4, and so on until the fifth receives a single point. The only required fields are your PS! Username and at least one video game. Leaving comments and filling the other 4 video game slots are optional.

If your Top 5 list changes at any time before voting closes (December 28th) reach out to a staff member to have your submission changed.

Be sure to check your submission for typos! If a typo is present, the game may be filtered incorrectly. If staff notices a typo/error in your submission, they will reach out to you via PMs or Officer Jenny mail.

Eligibility Rules:
1. Only games from 2021 are allowed
2. If a game released in 2020 but received its first official release in your country this year, it is allowed (i.e. Persona 5 Strikers)
3. Rereleases are not allowed (i.e. N64 on NSO)
4. Remakes or Remasters however, are allowed.
5. DLC expansions are not allowed, unless they can be sold and purchased separately without the need for the original game.
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