Security Officer Sign-Up
Each UHMIS Participating Organization should have at least one person designated as a Security Officer.

Security Officers are responsible for several items for the Agency, including:

1. Acts as the primary contact for the UHMIS Lead Agency to the Agency, for any UHMIS related issues and UHMIS Monitoring. UHMIS issues could include data cleanup, system setup, and security breaches.

2. Support the UHMIS Lead Agency in the annual recertification process.
     A. Ensuring all necessary staff complete the recertification by January 1 annually.
     B. Providing suggested subjects by September 1 annually.

3. Keep a list of users allowed access to the Agency in UHMIS, and notify the UHMIS Lead Agency within two business days to deactivate access for any users that no longer require access.

4. Review the UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures, and ensure the Agencies HMIS Policies and Procedures comply with all approved UHMIS Policy documents.

5. Handle UHMIS security breaches at the agency level, acting as the primary contact for agency staff if a breach occurs, then reporting any security breaches of UHMIS to the UHMIS Lead Agency. Additional information regarding security breaches and what should be reported is contained in the UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures.

6. Collects feedback from the Agency regarding UHMIS use, functionality, and desired items and reports it back to the UHMIS Lead Agency.

7. Sign the End-User Agreement for new agency staff training to use the database (Agency directors may also sign the new end-user agreement).

The UHMIS Steering Committee, in collaboration with the UHMIS Lead Agency, is currently developing a new UHMIS Standard Operating Procedures document, within it, the Agency Security Officer role has been better defined. The list of duties provided may change as this document is developed.

Agencies may change its designated Security Officer at any time; however, it should inform the UHMIS Lead Agency either by filling out this form or by emailing the team at when the Security Officer changes for the Agency.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
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