How to Win Competition? and Entrepreneur Mindset.

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    1. How to win competition? . This talk focus on the 'secret' to win competitions including BIS London, robot contest, inventions, multimedia, business, poster competition, etc. To date, Dr Yeong has won more than 40 both international and national awards including 3 awards at British Invention Show in London (World Invention Award, Diamond Award and Gold Medal), Korea Inventor Awards, Philips Young Inventor Challenge, Genovasi Challenge Malaysia, Innovate Malaysia, Robocon (represented Malaysia 7 times as team instructor or leader), etc with a simple 9 steps. He and his team have practised it more than 10 years. 2. Entrepreneurship Mindset This talk focus on entrepreneurship opportunities for university in Malaysia. Actually, Universities in Malaysia have the best resources to do entrepreneurship compared to many other countries including USA and UK. Dr Yeong will discuss about this and share how his Final Year Students won more than 20 awards for their project and securing fund up to RM980K to run the project. Currently, the students is commercialising the product and has been short-listed to Cradle Coach and Grow programme where this group of students are being coached by international consultant firm. Dr Yeong also has already a spin-off company which he opened up with his students and has secured Cradle CIP500 fund and MoHE Lab2Market fund. more detail can be found here: