2022 Rag & Frass Farm COVID-19 Guidelines and Agreement
Due to the pandemic we have some guidelines that all workers and residents must follow. We developed these guidelines beginning in our 2020 season (while we stayed open and operated at full capacity as an essential business) and continue to adjust them. We have made many changes to how we sell and do business, and have managed to keep everyone on our team safe, with no COVID cases to date. We reserve the right to change and adjust these at any time to adapt to changing circumstances and new information. This is our home and business and we need to feel safe and mitigate risks to the best of our ability. Please speak with us if you have special concerns we need to consider.

Now that the COVID vaccine is widely available and accessible, we have decided we will not be hiring anyone for 2022 who is not fully vaccinated.

We believe in choice and body autonomy AND we believe in our right to feel safe and protected at home and at work (which for us, are basically the same place). We have decided that we do not feel comfortable inviting people into our household or workspace without full vaccination. We are expecting our first baby in Dec 2021 which means we will have a vulnerable and unvaccinated member of the farm for the foreseeable future, which also factors into our policy. We will only be hiring people who are on the same page about COVID prevention and precautions.
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Are you fully vaccinated for COVID-19? *
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I understand that proof of vaccination is a requirement to work at the farm, and I am ok with this. *
We are expecting a baby in December 2021! This means we will have an extremely delicate and vulnerable (unvaccinated) farm member with us for all of the 2022 season. This means despite vaccination and precautions, everyone on the farm needs to re-adjust our expectation of vigilance (especially if you have relaxed a bit over the last year...) and commit to keeping COVID to the farm. Sadly, we are not going to be 'back to normal' on the farm in 2022. *
I understand that by coming to a working farm that I am bringing added risk to that farm business, the other farm workers, and potentially all the people who receive food from this farm. I understand the gravity of this and confirm that it is my obligation to be forthright, honest, and mitigate this risk at all times, to the best of my ability. *
I understand that these guidelines are set by Rag & Frass Farm and my cooperation and participation in following the guidelines is mandatory for employment or residency during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in termination of employment and/or residency. *
I understand that the pandemic is dynamic and changing, and new information may become available. Policies around COVID-19 may be added, changed, lessened, or removed at the discretion of Rag & Frass Farm. This is our home, and we are only willing to open it to people who are completely on board with our precautions. *
I understand that if I have concerns or ideas about policy or guidelines (being not strict enough or too strict) I may bring this to the attention of the farm managers for consideration. Please let us know if you thoughts on how we can keep life safe and enjoyable during this time. *
In the state of GA, and especially in rural areas, vaccination rates are very low (less than half the population) and COVID spread is rampant. If you are coming from a different state or region you may be used to assuming most people are vaccinated, especially if they are not wearing masks. Here that is to not the case. You can not assume that if you see people or busiensses not wearing masks, that they are vaccinated, many have never worn masks. In this area you can't assume the general public, business, schools, or local government is taking precautions or following CDC recommendations, which is why we must be especially careful. *
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