We are happy to meet you in August!

!!! (we added more time for you to give us your outlines and proposals)

Official site: https://perlkohacon.fi/cft


  • Librarians, Koha-wise: yes, this will be comfortable user- oriented track and topics as we love it! Koha usage, implementation and set up, solution of superlibrarian and decision-maker oriented tasks, expansion and more.
  • Perl-devs: yes, this will be full-featured Perl "YAPC" tracks and topics as we love it!
    Also we encourage you to bring more modern hints: for current "just became Perl-developer" young generation, IDEs, Debugging, simplifying Perl and making our Perl-dev competitive and comfortable. Also making our beloved Perl better. And don't forget the trending topics, if y.k.w.w.m :)
It's up to us (you too) to fill in these track with interesting and useful into. Welcome:

🟧🟧🟧  PerlKohaCon 2023  🟧🟧🟧

Community. Language. Software

Let us help you to focus on your talk topic and make the best fit into community interests. Consider that we are open to assisting you with any questions about improving your talk and adjusting it this time to the unusual but winning combination of Koha and Perl topics.

We will have one separate talks stream for Koha (and it is important that we should have it more user-targeted), and a few "main YAPC-style" streams for Perl and IT-technologies, as always geeky and Perl-universe or Perl-developers life-related.

This form will help you to fill basic info about your talk proposal.

Afterwards we will process it and confirm or ask for more info or improvement throughout the April. AFTER THAT WE WILL INFORM YOU about acceptance

You can send a few talk proposals, for different topics and size.

If you have questions or complications - mail to perlkohacon@gmail.com

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We ask our community to submit their proposals on the following topics: Koha, Perl, General IT/YAPC:

Perl (usual YAPC-topics):
  • Advanced Perl topics, including language features, development tools, debugging techniques, and testing strategies
  • The use of Perl in DevOps and other IT roles, including automation and deployment strategies
  • The intersection of Perl with other trending AI topics, and how Perl can be used in AI development and applications
  • Also Koha development topic which is fully inside Perl- universe (because all underlying things like Linux, Memcached, RabbitMQ, MariaDB/SQL, ElasticSearch, CI/CD are very same as we have those in our Perl-life).
General IT (usual YAPC-topics):
  • Complementary or base-level tools used in Perl and Koha development, such as databases, web frameworks, and version control systems
  • Design, usability, and other topics relevant to the development and usage processes of Perl and Koha
  • Soft skills for IT professionals and individuals working with technologies
  • The use of AI tools in daily work routines, with a focus on how they can be used in conjunction with Perl and Koha development and applications
Koha (mostly 'usual KohaCon' topics, users- oriented and dev- topics):
  • Koha in the library: best practices, tips, hacks, and grievances
  • Koha software development, especially related to integrations with other systems
  • The future of MARC and Linked Open Data in Koha
  • Upcoming or requested development of Koha features: which ones? Proposals, progress, and collaboration opportunities

We encourage submissions on these topics and welcome any related proposals.

That would be great if you will adjust your intention to be among our main conference goals:
  • Revive community life in Perl community
  • Make Perl better, improve Perl development, keep Perl to be needed and uself and spreading. Learned.
  • Make Koha better and get more libraries to the stack, help from Perl community to Koha to get more OpenSource support developers and expansion-wise.

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