Meditation Chapel 2020 Financial Pledge
This form is strictly voluntary. It is for you to use to let us know that you are able to support Meditation Chapel in 2020 and that you are planning to do so by breaking the support into multiple payments over the year. This helps us plan the financial year. This is not binding. If your finances change, you will not be held to this pledge. And we will not remind you or nag you. It is strictly up to you to keep track of your pledge. We will simply be grateful for whatever you are able to send us.

Also be aware that Meditation Chapel is not a registered non-profit organization, so unfortunately your donations cannot be deducted from your taxes. We have thought about doing so, but the legal work is daunting.

We are asking your email so that you can be sent a confirmation of your pledge. We will not be using it for any other purpose.
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