Evergreen Volunteer Log 2019-2020
Please use the following survey to log your volunteer time. Doing so allows us to illustrate our community's involvement in our school to key stakeholders. Each parent should complete their own survey.
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Please list the dates volunteered in numerical form (i.e. 1/12/19 not January 12, 2019) separated by commas. *
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Please document the total number of hours volunteered across all dates listed. Please enter a number in numerical form (i.e. 6 NOT six). If you volunteer 15, 30, or 45 minutes past the hour, feel free to list the quarters (e.g. .25, .50, .75 respectively). For example, if I volunteered 1 hour and 30 minutes, I would list 1.50.
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Description of Volunteer Hours
Please select the categories that best describe this month's volunteerism. You may select more than one.
Did you donate items in lieu of or in addition to volunteering? *
Donated items count toward your monthly volunteer commitment. $18 is the equivalent of one volunteer hour.
Dollar Value of Donation
Please enter a whole number in numerical form, no dollar signs (e.g. 35 not thirty-five, 40 not $40)
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