Accidental Anarchist: Stories fr/ the crowd
This is a place for you to put forward brief story ideas that you think should be included in the upcoming documentary, The Accidental Anarchist with Carne Ross. The stories should be about people, groups and communities who have been able to work together without much or any hierarchical control, self-organising, making decisions and taking action for the common good of the group. Adding a story is no guarantee it will be included, but does mean that the team of us involved will consider it, when thinking about the shape and detail of the film. For more info send Liam an email on LIAM[at]MORELIKEPEOPLE[dot]ORG
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Title of your story *
Can be a community, a movement, a workplace, a town; it's up to you, but give a hint of what is to come
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Summary *
Up to 1000 characters about what defines this example; What happened or is happening? Why it is significant to this film?
Check as many boxes as you feel describe the story you're adding. If there is another category I've missed, add it in the 'other' box.
What context or contexts is it happening in?
Follow-up link
One link to provide a bit more information about your story. Could be a blog, an article, a video, etc.
Key names/contacts
Any individuals who you know, or know as having been important, and are comfortable sharing their names with us. Please only do so if these people are already publicly associated with this story.
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