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These services are only available to non-Legal Aid of NC eligible applicants. Only complete this form if you have confirmed that you are not eligible for Legal Aid of NC (1-866-219-5262).

Please fill out this form if you are not eligible for Legal Aid of North Carolina's services and would like to request help from a volunteer lawyer for COVID-19 or Hurricane Florence related legal issues:

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The NC Pro Bono Resource Center helps people when they are unable afford legal help, when they lack access to legal services, or for other compelling public interest reasons.
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If you select Other below, please describe why you need help with your case and for what important reasons.
Demographic Information
To help the NC Pro Bono Resource Center better understand our clients and their circumstances, we are asking the following demographic questions.
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Please list the number of adults living in your household including yourself and other adults.
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Please list the number of children (below the age of 18) living in your household.
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Anyone in your household that you provide more than half of their financial support, including children or other relatives are considered dependents for the purposes of this question.
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Client Agreement
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By filling out this form I am requesting to be connected with a pro bono lawyer. I understand that as part of the project, the Pro Bono Resource Center will strive to match me with a pro bono attorney within one week. *
I understand that I may not receive a pro bono attorney through this process. Note: The Pro Bono Resource Center will contact you to let you know whether we can find a pro bono attorney for you. *
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