Rim of Africa - Application 2019
Please complete this form to apply for a place on the 2019 Rim of Africa - Cape Mountains Traverse. If you are applying as a couple or team, please each complete your own individual application and indicate in the last question who your partner is.
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Please select the traverse/s you would like to hike:
In 2019 we plan to offer all 9 traverses. If you intend to do a Thru-Hike linking these stages, please check all boxes.
Letter of Motivation *
Participants are selected based on a motivation letter and the number of places available in any one of the donation categories. Share with us why you will gain from this experience, why you are motivated to join a group of people who enjoy hiking the Cape Mountains, and share a little about who you are and why completing a traverse or a series of traverses on this journey is important to you. In short share with us why one of the places available should have your name on it.
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Donation Level per 8 Day Traverse Section
The cost to participate is based on three levels of donation and is structured to help ensure hikers from diverse socio-economic backgrounds are able to join us. We encourage those who are able to, and all international visitors to please consider paying it forward by entering at a champion level

In the space below please insert the amount in rands you are prepared to donate per 8 day traverse section. Places available are per section. There are only 12 places available on any one section. If you are applying for more than 1 section your donation amount will be multiplied by the total number of sections you are applying for.

On acceptance you will be emailed a link to a detailed registration form. From that an automated invoice for your donation amount and a payment schedule spread over 4 months will be emailed to you.

I am applying for a Sponsored Hero's Place
(2 places available), please check the box below and complete the questions that follow after pressing the 'next' button at the end of the page.
I am applying for a Partly-sponsored Enthusiast
(2 places available): Donation above R5,900 per traverse. This place is well below cost and is partially sponsored. Please insert the amount you are donating:
I am an Adventurer
(5 places available): Donation above R8,600 per traverse. Please insert the amount you are donating:
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I am a Champion
(3 places available): Donation above R11,600 per traverse. These places help subsidise our sponsored positions. Please insert the amount you are donating:
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Any Questions?
Please add any questions or comments you may have for us below.
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Thank you for taking the time to apply.

Final date for confirmations will be 31 May 2018.

We look forward to meeting you in the mountains.

Best wishes,

Rim of Africa Team - 2019 Traverse

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