【KAI DELUXE】Overseas Order Form

This is a special form for overseas orders, fill out the completion of delivery, the customer service will reply to your shipping amount and payment information, and confirms the contents, quantity and amount of the goods. This order is not completed after the completion of the order is set up, [KAI DELUXE] to retain the final change of the order.
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✎KAI DELUXE✎ Product List
1200107:DEWY FRESH PRIMER(45ml),NT780
1200106:SOFT MATTE PRIMER(45ml),NT780
1200091:Illuminating Primer(25ml),NT580(Sold Out)
1200090:Foundation Primer(25ml),NT580(Sold Out)

1200077:Glow Balm Foundation(12g)-21 Light,NT1080
1200078:Glow Balm Foundation(12g)-23 Medium,NT1080
1210103:Glow Balm Foundation+Supplement Core(12g+12g)-21 Light,NT1480(Sold Out)
1210104:Glow Balm Foundation+Supplement Core(12g+12g)-23 Medium,NT1480
1200099:Glow Balm Foundation Supplement Core(12g)-21 Light,NT780(Sold Out)
1200100:Glow Balm Foundation Supplement Core(12g)-23 Medium,NT780
1200081:Brightening Loose Powder(13g),NT680
1200080:Perfecting Loose Powder(13g),NT680(Sold Out)
1200092:Brightening CC Cream(50ml)-21 Light,NT780
1200093:Brightening CC Cream(50ml)-23 Medium,NT780
1200051:Air Cushion Foundation(15ml)-21 Light,NT880
1200052:Air Cushion Foundation(15ml)-23 Medium,NT880
1200106:Flawless All In 1 Stick Foundation(15g)-21 Light,NT780
1200107:Flawless All In 1 Stick Foundation(15g)-22 Natural,NT780
1200108:Flawless All In 1 Stick Foundation(15g)-23 Medium,NT780

【Cheek Color】
1200079:Air Cushion Blusher(9ml),NT680(Sold Out)
1200065:Camera Face Shading Palette(5gx3color)-01 Light,NT680
1200066:Camera Face Shading Palette(5gx3color)-02 Medium,NT680
1200103:Color Blush(6g)-3微醺紫,NT580
1200104:Color Blush(6g)-5蜜桃粉,NT580
1200105:Color Blush(6g)-7裸膚橘,NT580

【Lip Color】
1200067:Lip Gloss(2g)-Vogue,NT380
1200068:Lip Gloss(2g)-Ladies Night,NT380
1200069:Lip Gloss(2g)-Violet,NT380(Sold Out)
1200070:Lip Gloss(2g)-Queen,NT380
1200071:Lip Gloss(2g)-Cashmere,NT380
1200075:Lip Gloss(2g)-Naked,NT380
1200073:Lip Gloss(2g)-Sweet Heart,NT380
1200074:Lip Gloss(2g)-Bubble Gum,NT380(Sold Out)
1200072:Lip Gloss(2g)-Pink Diamond,NT380
1200076:Lip Gloss(2g)-Chiffon,NT380
1200089:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-80 Secret,NT580
1200088:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-10 Nude,NT580
1200085:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-77 The Lady
1200083:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-54 Affair,NT580
1200087:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-69 Sex,NT580
1200082:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-99 Energy,NT580
1200086:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-18 Virgin,NT580
1200084:Extreme Color Lipstick(3g)-38 Sister,NT580

【Eye Makeup】
1200050:Eyeshadow Palette(1.3gx10Color),NT680
1200102:Liquid Eyeliner(0.6ml),NT580

【Brows Collection】
1200098:Volume Brow Mascara(5.5g),NT580
1200097:Brow Mascara(5g),NT580
1200094:Brow Mascara(5.5g)-01 NUDE,NT580
1200095:Brow Mascara(5.5g)-02 COFFEE ,NT580
1200096:Brow Mascara(5.5g)-03 GOLD,NT580
1200039:Eyebrow Gift Set(530g)(2 Eyebrow Powder & 7 Eyebrow Pencil),NT3680
1200040:Eyebrow Pencil Gift Set(435g)(10 Color),NT3980
1200041:Eyebrow Powder Gift Set(395g)(4 Color),NT1980
1210056:Eyebrow Pencil Set(0.15gx3Color),NT1430
1200028:Eyebrow Pencil(0.15g)-01 NUDE,NT480
1200029:Eyebrow Pencil(0.15g)-02 KHAKI,NT480
1200030:Eyebrow Pencil(0.15g)-03 OLIVE,NT480
1200031:Eyebrow Pencil(0.15g)-04 BROWN,NT480
1200032:Eyebrow Pencil(0.15g)-05 AMBER ,NT480
1200033:Eyebrow Pencil(0.15g)-06 COFFEE,NT480
1200034:Eyebrow Pencil(0.15g)-07 BLACK,NT480
1200035:EyeBrow Powder(3.3g)-01 COFFEE,NT580
1200036:EyeBrow Powder(3.3g)-02 BROWN,NT580
1200037:EyeBrow Powder(3.3g)-03 HAZEL,NT580
1200038:EyeBrow Powder(3.3g)-04 DARK,NT580

【KD Tools】
1200042:Eyebrow Brush#101(12g),NT780
1400008:Angled Contour Brush#201(40g),NT580
1400006:Handy Mirror(406g),NT1200
1400005:Multifunction Bag(785g),NT1680
1410001:Makeup Rubycell Puff(2pcs)(5g),NT250
1400012:The Power Of Beauty Card,NT800

【Skin Care】
1100053:Hypoallergenic Eye&Lip Makeup Remover(120ml),NT360
1100052:Moisturizing Perfect Rose Cream(60ml),NT1380
1100054:Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask(5pcs),NT420
1100055:Honey And Aloe Repairing Mask(5pcs),NT420
1100056:Yeast Extract Whitening Mask(5pcs),NT420
1100057:Caviar Anti-Aging Mask(5pcs),NT420
1100058:Amino Acid Facial Cleanser 120ml,NT450

1300005:Sunscreen Spray Cooling SPF50★★(90g),NT380

✈Shipping & Shipping Instructions✈
!!!! If there is any pre-order items in your order, Need to wait until the arrival of goods will be shipped!!!

!!!For products information and promotion, please visit our official website:

!!!To expedite delivery to our overseas customers, each order cannot exceed 10items. If you have a lot of order requirements, please contact our Facebook or leave a private message.!!!

● ● ● International Shipping costs in the following areas ● ● ●

Hong Kong、Macau,NT.400
Japan ,NT.600

Canada、United States、United Kingdom,NT.700

Other countries in Europe,NT.700

Central and South America and Africa, NTD800

● ● ● International delivery time● ● ●

Hong Kong、Macau、Japan、Korea,7-10days

United States,10-13days
Canada、United Kingdom,13-16days

Other countries in Europe、Central and South America and Africa 14-18days

** Note that the order of liquid and spray categories of goods are shipped by shipping, delivery time will be twice the air time or more !!!!!!!!!

✦Payment Instructions✦
Overseas shopping using PayPal transaction payment
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