Product Requirements Planning Template
It is a very useful document which helps you to fully defines the purpose of the product. It helps you to construct the foundation for your idea.
It includes details on how the product should be built and supported to ensure that you and your team to build a successful product.
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Briefly describe your product and what you want to do.
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Briefly outline the flow of the app/website.
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What is the current state of product?
What platforms will the app be built for?
What features do you want it to have?
At Realmonkey, we offer a Design & Discovery session where our team works alongside you to establish expectations for the product, define goals, and create the roadmap for your Minimum Viable Product and future product phases.
Are there branding and design guidelines that need to be followed?
What are your maintenance needs? Do you need to support it in the future?
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Do you have current Apple, Google, or other developer accounts/credentials?
Are there other credentials that are needed or already exist (analytics systems, platforms, etc.)?
Hardware that the app will run on/communicate with (for example, beacons).
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What is the time frame you have in mind?
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What is your budget range?
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