From Dusk Till Dawn 2019
From Dusk till Dawn is an OVERNIGHT ENDURANCE ROPE COMPETITION benefitting Peak Potential. Beginning at 8:00PM on Saturday (8/17), people will be climbing straight through until 6:00AM (8/18).

For more information about this event and how the competition will work please visit

Your registration fees will provide support to awesome free rock climbing programs for children with disabilities.

Recreational: have successfully sent nothing harder than 5.9+
Intermediate: have successfully sent UP TO 5.11+ / 5.11d
Advanced: have successfully sent 5.12- / 5.12a
Adaptive: We’d love to invite all adaptive climbers to come out as well. If we have enough competitors we will create a separate category for you!

The divisions are based on your best redpoint level over the LAST YEAR. So for example, if in the last year you have climbed 5.10 at your local gym then you are an INTERMEDIATE level climber. Please do not register for recreational. This is supposed to be a fun community event and there is no need to sandbag your division. Lastly, you will only be able to lead climb if you are registered for the Advanced category.

Please note that this event is Bring Your Own Belayer!

Pre-registration closes on 8/16 at 12:00 AM. Once you submit this form please continue to to complete your registration payment.

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