Open Letter to the Student Body
Students of Royal Holloway University,

Once upon a time, this University was founded for women, on the principle of dissent in the context of a society where women’s education was not an agreeable notion. Later, societies formed to uphold the spirit of debate with the earliest date of these societies being traced back to 1896.

Now, we are at a crossroads.

One road would lead to the continuation of debate and discussion, as is our right as students and academics at this historic institution.

The other road would indefinitely silence the growing culture of debate on campus, regardless of political agenda as policed by the unchecked Students’ Union’s subjective moral compass.

In other words, we, the students, have a choice.

A choice to fight for our right to be politically driven individuals with the right to invite those whom we disagree with.
A choice to remain staunch stalwarts of our right to debate, disagree and invite controversial politicians, dignitaries, ambassadors, journalists and important individuals in modern politics.

At this moment in time, we have the freedom to listen as we please, disagree as we please, and protest as we please. If this referendum passes, no longer will we have a freedom to, but instead, we shall have freedom from so-called dissenting opinions.

To violate the prestigious tradition of debating at Royal Holloway would be to spit on the grave of Jane Holloway.

As such, we do not stand with the Student Union and its various illegitimate constitutional violations to enforce their referendum.

And we ask that you stand with us in voting against the no-platforming referendum.


Kofi Frimpong II, Secretary of Royal Holloway Debating Society

Jessica Lee, President of Royal Holloway Debating Society

Alistair DuBrave, Treasurer of Royal Holloway Debating Society

Ben Schamp, President of Royal Holloway LibDem Society

Max Darby, Secretary of Royal Holloway LibDem Society

Thomas Franklin, Vice-President of the Conservative Association, Von Mises Society, and PR Secretary of Debating Society

Lewis Virgo, Academic Events Coordinator of a Departmental Society

Joshua Funnell

Tanya Soloman, Vice President of Rock and Metal Society

James Johnston

David Wood, Treasurer of Conservative Association

Tom Coldwell, Treasurer of Mises Society

Joseph Combs, President of Conservative Association

Alessandro Sintoni, Secretary of Conservative Association

Philip O’Connor

Jack Codling

Livvy Muir

James Giles

Anna Mcleod

Jonny Penny, Trips officer of the Classics Society

Harry Applegate

Ilija Dokmanovic, President of Mises Society, Membership Secretary of Conservative Association

Jamie-lee Cooke

Myles Lloyd-Woolls

George Welch, Treasurer of The Lyell Society

Arunjit Dhothar

Caroline Barker

Alex Thornton

Durante Cartwright

Max Jackson

Brittany Fronczak

Fatima El Yamlahi

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