Registration and consent form for Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
This form is required to register for MBSR and the Introduction to Mindfulness course. It is necessary for us to ask you a few questions to complete your registration, and to check that it is safe for you to participate in this course. If you have any problems completing the form, please feel free to contact us directly or on 83735655 during business hours.

Before proceeding with your registration, please read the following document to make sure the course and the timing is right for you.

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Medical Health
The following confidential information is required in order for us to determine the programme's suitability for you at this time, and to best look after you during the classes. Your instructor may contact you prior to starting the programme to discuss any relevant issues. I give permission for this and to contact my GP if required.
Do you have Diabetes Type 1?
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Current treatment (if any)
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Are there any current life changes (loss of home, job, relationship breakdown, too many work commitments etc.) that may be placing you under additional stress? *
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Payment options : $750
The recordings for the home practice meditations are provided via MP3 download (link emailed to you). Do you need any help with this option?
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We will be in touch with more detail about where to go and what to bring! Any questions, please feel free to ask here:
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