The Table Survey
Tell us about yourself. Your individual responses will be kept completely confidential. We are legally bound to preserve your individual privacy. This survey helps us improve the experience each time people join us at The Table as participants take it at the beginning and then again at the very end to measure the difference before and after taking part in our curriculum.
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With "1" representing hostility toward the idea of God, "4" representing neutrality, and "7" representing fondness; what do you feel toward the concept of God? *
On a scale from foolish to wise, how do you gauge yourself? *
I have been a fool.
I consider myself wise.
"It is morally good to dissuade people of Christianity."
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
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How do you perceive Christianity's impact on the world?
It is everything that is wrong with the world.
It is the greatest thing to have happened to Western civilization.
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With "4" representing indifference or uncertainty regarding his existence, what do you think of Jesus? *
He is the ultimate evil.
He is the ultimate good.
Gauge your familiarity with the Bible: *
I have virtually no knowledge of the Bible.
I have a strong understanding of the Bible.
What impact has the Bible had on our colloquial understanding of morality?
Absolutely no impact whatsoever
Its stories and teachings shaped morality world-wide.
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How open are you to hearing what the Bible has to say about morality?
I feel antipathy toward the Bible's "morals."
I have a craving to learn more about it.
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Describe the Bible's historicity
It is a complete croc.
It is an historical marvel of preservation and accuracy.
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From whence comes morality? Think of "4" as indicating something like, "It is an evolutionary adaptation."
It is an illusion.
It is transcendent and authoritative.
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Do Christians respect science?
Their moronic denial of it has wreaked havoc.
They know more about where it ultimately comes from than atheists do.
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Are you convinced of abiogenesis (the necessity for life to have created itself from non-life)?
Yes, it is obvious.
Out of fear, I avoided thinking about origins in the past.
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Are you convinced of the universe's self-generation ex nihilo (out of nothingness)? *
Yes, self-generation is necessary and obvious.
I know self-generation is impossible, but in the past deliberately avoided thinking about it.
Be honest: is there part of you that believes in God? *
Absolutely not: I am certain that I do not believe.
Yes, deep down I have always secretly believed.
What are your biggest questions for Christians?
Is there anything you want us to know about you?
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