【OpenStack / Virtualization Call for Speaker】

台灣雲端物聯網產業協會長期協助推動Taiwan Open Stack User Group及OCP Taiwan等社群與臺灣產業之互動連結,藉由此次台灣開放原始碼社群聯合推動的COSCUP年度研討會,我們將組織邀請在國內成立之新興熱門開源專案代表,分享其專案領域的最新技術進展,進而連結社群開發能量,展現台灣開源創新的堅強實力。

【徵選條件 / Selection Criteria】
— 截止日期:2017/06/15 23:59 pm / Deadline: June, 15th, 2017 23:59 pm

● OpenStack 相關
● Virtualization 相關

We sincerely invite open source projects under the emerging trends. The following topics are covered:
● OpenStack-related topics
● Virtualization-related topics

﹝小提醒﹞建議各位講者所演講的專案內容,是於COSCUP年會舉辦前已release code的較佳。

(Reminder) It is recommended that the content of the project addressed by the speaker is preferred to release source code before COSCUP.

若有任何疑問,請連繫 vannialin@itri.org.tw

If you have any question, please contact vannialin@itri.org.tw

1. 講者姓名 / Speaker’s Name
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2. 國家 / Country
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3. 聯絡信箱 / Contact Email
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4. 聯絡電話 / Contact Phone
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5. 隸屬公司或單位 / Affiliations
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6. 職稱 / Title
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7. 講者簡介 / Introduction to the Speaker
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8. 演講主題 / Topic
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9. 內容摘要(500字以內) / Abstract (within 500 words)
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10. 關於您演講內容的其他備註 / Other Notes or Any Relevant Information to Your Topic
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11. 是否願意接受錄影並授權公開 (原則上所有影片都會上 YouTube,且應該會在 archive.org 上以 CC:BY-SA 釋出) / Are you willing to accept the video and authorize the disclosure
12. 預計演講時間 / Expected Presentation Time
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