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Those of ya'll in solidarity with us: sign up here to join our Amazonians United movement, led by self-organized Amazon workers! Amazon workers throughout the US are angry at Amazon for putting profits before our lives and the lives of our loved ones during this pandemic. Thousands of fellow Amazon workers from every region of the US are reaching out to us asking for help in figuring out what to do. The solution of course is workers must get organized--we need your help in supporting our fellow Amazon workers through this struggle!

There are many ways ya'll can help and we're asking everyone who's down to bring what they're good at and help us build this beautiful, powerful movement. From experienced organizers, to video editors, graphic designers, communications people, writers, singers, website designers, artists, excel masters, data scientists, coordinators and all those willing to contribute whatever they know or willing to learn! We need you!

The requirement, however, is that you come to be in genuine solidarity with us. The following explains what genuine solidarity means. You are here to contribute what you have to offer, but you are here to support us not lead us. It's cool if you belong to one (we support ya'll!), but you are not here with the intent of funneling us or our coworkers into your union, nonprofit or political organization. You are not here to tell us or our fellow coworkers what to do. You are not here to move our efforts in the direction that you or your organization thinks is best for us. That is not solidarity and will not be tolerated. We appreciate your strategies and politics and the work of your organizations, but we think for ourselves and decide for ourselves, democratically, as organized Amazon workers.

Of course, we do want you to bring your skills and knowledge and ideas and to share them with us! We want you to implement them together with Amazon workers and other volunteers if they are in alignment with our principles, we agree with them and they move our organizing forward. It usually just means running them by us! We have created a beautiful movement space for you to come in and create! Just know that at the end of the day workers and workplace organizing committees decide how we move. We are asking for your genuine solidarity during this historic opportunity to organize a powerful workers movement, welcome!
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