SCiP Submissions 2021
The Society for Computation in Psychology (SCiP; formerly known as the Society for Computers in Psychology) is delighted to announce its call for papers for its 51st annual meeting. The theme for this year’s conference is 50 Years of Computation. As the world increasingly relies on computation, we look back to the advances and innovations from psychology and beyond. Submissions reflecting on the history of advancement in their area are welcomed. We also encourage our members to share this call with others who are doing related work but who may not be regular SCiP attendees. In partnership with the Psychonomic Society, we will hold a hybrid conference on November 4th tentatively from 8:00-5:00PM Central Time in New Orleans, Louisiana. The details are still being finalized, but we invite submissions by all SCiPpers—both regular attendees and newcomers. More information will released as it becomes available on our website (

The deadline to submit is September 10, 2021 (we can accept for a few days after this though!).

Submissions should contain the following information:

- Title of Presentation

- Author(s) information:
* Name (First, Middle Initial, Last)
* Institution
* E-mail address for all authors

- Corresponding author

- Preference for a spoken or poster paper

- Preference for in person or online presentation

- Identify Castellan or Birnbaum student award status

- Abstract of no more than 250 words

- Symposia: If you are organizing a symposium, prepare a symposium title and abstract (500 words) and a list of participants (with institutional affiliations) with their presentation titles. Include the complete set of individual papers, following the same guidelines above for paper submissions. If you are planning to organize a symposium, please email this information directly to
Submission Title: *
Corresponding Author Email: *
Submission Type: *
Submission Delivery: *
Student presenters: Would you like to be considered for the Castellan or Birnbaum Prizes? (note: participants who did not receive this last year, can apply for it this year)
Abstract (max 250 words): *
Author 1 Name:
Author 1 Institution:
Author 1 Email:
Author 2 Name:
Author 2 Institution:
Author 2 Email:
Author 3 Name:
Author 3 Institution:
Author 3 Email:
Author 4 Name:
Author 4 Institution:
Author 4 Email:
Author 5 Name:
Author 5 Institution:
Author 5 Email:
Author 6 Name:
Author 6 Institution:
Author 6 Email:
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