Register for Gender & Beyond June 7 - June 11, 2019
Welcome to the Gender & Beyond registration form! We're looking forward to seeing you.

If you have any difficulties in filling out this form, please contact us at or 240-920-6431.

A tent site is included in the basic registration fee, as well as all meals and programs. If you prefer not to camp and would like to upgrade to indoor accommodations in a cabin, cottage, Lodge, or motel room, please fill out that page of this form.

Please be aware that all attendees of Gender & Beyond must pre-register - we do not take walk-in campers.
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We will be making a contact sheet for event participants - what contact information would you like included? (Note: you will be able to change your choices after you arrive at camp.)
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Please give us a person to contact in case of emergency, preferably someone who is not also attending this event.
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Arrival at Camp *
In order to build an intimate community with a strong sense of safety, it is essential that everyone be in place for the start of orientation at 9:00 AM on Saturday. We ask everyone to arrive on Friday evening if at all possible, and if not, by 8:30 AM on Saturday morning at the latest. Late arrivals are not allowed except in extraordinary circumstances. When do you plan to arrive?
Departure From Camp *
When do you plan to leave? Please include the day and approximate timing.
Set-Up and Take-Down
Extend your New Years experience by volunteering with friendly folx to help set up and take down our infrastructure! Volunteers contribute $20 for meals.
Estimated Time of Arrival
If you plan to come early when will you be arriving? Please provide a date and approximate time.
Do you need, or can you offer, a carpool?
If you need or can offer a carpool, where will you be coming from?
Do you have a special diet? *
Meals will be delicious, healthy food with vegan and vegetarian options. With enough advance notice, we can also accommodate many special food needs. In addition, there is space to store personal food, and a small kitchen where those with special diets can prepare what they need. Please check the items that are true for you.
Special Needs
Do you have any special needs or medical/psychological issues the organizers should know about? If so, please give details here. (This information will be kept confidential within the organizing team.)
How much do you intend to contribute to the cost of the event? *
Registration fee is on a sliding scale from $295 to $595. We ask you to pay as high on the scale as you can reasonably afford. This includes tenting, all meals, and all program activities.The organizers of Beyond Gender are all volunteers; all money for this event goes to making it happen! The low end of the scale represents our basic cost (without overhead or labor) while the top end is still lower than other comparable events. Any money received above and beyond our basic cost will go towards a scholarship fund for lower income individuals and the improvement of this and future Beyond Gender. There are scholarship and/or worktrade available for those truly in need. If you want to be at camp, we want to have you here! Contact us at and we’ll work with you to find a way you can afford to come.
Payment Information *
You may pay for the event either by credit card or by sending us a check or money order. If you select "credit card," you will be directed to a payment site on the next page. If you select "check or money order", please write down the total amount due. You will be directed to a site with information about where to send your payment.
Total Fees: *
Please add up your registration fee plus any other fees (Pre- and Post-Camp) and enter the total here. Keep track of this number, will be directed how to complete your registration payment on the following page
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