Havergal College Parent Association: Volunteer Opportunities
Please take a moment to review our volunteer positions (very brief synopsis provided). Please check off the committee(s) of interest to you and complete this online form by submitting the information below. If you have any questions about the committees, email the 2018-19 HCPA Co-Chairs, Mekhul Verma and Ruth Ley at hcpa.committee@gmail.com. We will contact you in the coming months to discuss the positions you are interested in. Thank you for volunteering!
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The fundraising committee helps to raise money from HCPA programs including HC spirit wear, bake sales, auction items and more! We need lots of committed volunteers for this committee who feel comfortable selling and asking for products! Proceeds from the sales help fund all our parent engagement events such as Mother Daughter breakfasts, Staff Appreciation and the Limitless Campaign.
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Special Events
Events including Moms' Night Out, Staff Appreciation and Parent Luncheon - working with a team to plan and execute HC community events
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Father Daughter Dance (Parents in Grades 7-12 needed)
An annual Havergal tradition held in Spring (April/May). A can’t miss formal evening for all fathers and daughters in grades 7-12. Looking for people to secure prizes for the girls and creative people who can run the décor aspect of the event. Those that enjoy planning large-scale gala style events should join the team. Approximately 700 Dads and Daughters attend this grand event!
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Celebration Saturday "Cel Sat" (September/October)
This is a community event that is inclusive of the HC community – food, games and fun activities for all. The majority of proceeds go to our community partners. We need many volunteers for this fair which falls on a Saturday at the end of September or first week of October. We also require volunteers in September to help with securing auction items.
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Grade Reps Junior School (JK-6) and Upper School (7-12)
The role of the grade rep includes, but not limited to, grade community building, communication to parents and planning socials and coffee parties. JS meets monthly at 8:30am, US meets 5 times annually at 8:30 am. (Note: Grade Rep positions, 2 per class in the JS will be filled in early summer and 4 per grade in the US, will be filled in April – names will be drawn from a hat for those grades that exceed the # of volunteers needed). **Please note there will be substantially more work involved for US Grade reps than in past years. Grade Reps will be expected to attend all HCPA parent engagement events to help build and foster community spirit.

I would like to be a Grade Rep for JK-Grade 6 and can attend the monthly meetings
I would like to be a Grade Rep for Grade 7-12 and can attend the 5 meetings
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Grade Rep Secretary (Junior School)
This essential role gives a parent the ability to get to know everything that goes on at Havergal, it's a great way to begin your volunteer experience at Havergal! The Secretary takes notes at monthly grade rep meetings and sends to grade reps to share with their grade parents. One for JS and one for US (currently filled). Must be able to attend all meetings.
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Used Textbooks Collection and Junior School Book Drive
This is a big fundraiser as the HCPA receives a percentage of the resale of used textbooks that we collect! Historically, this fundraiser raises between $20,000 to $30,000. Dates in the Spring are identified for Upper School students to drop off their Used Textbooks. The team would collect the gently used Upper School textbooks and work with the Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE) team to facilitate collection.
The Junior School also plans to collect gently used books of any kind and donate those books to be resold through the CSBE.
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Junior School Father Daughter Amazing Race
This is an annual event held on a Sunday afternoon in Spring, designed to build community and provide a social venue for Junior School Dads and Daughters. Committee members plan the challenges and the execution of the race building on the success of our inaugural event. There will be 2-3 meetings starting in January with the majority of the detailed planning done independently. Committee members are also required to assist with the pre-race preparations and setup on race day. Approximately 300 Dads and Daughters attend this exciting event!
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Green and Gold Shop / Used Uniform Sales
Join this team and volunteer at the Havergal clothing store (Green and Gold Shop) for various shifts that fit your schedule. The HCPA might also need your help with a Used Uniform Sale in the Fall or Spring.
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Junior School Welcome Committee Tour Guide
The Admissions team in the Junior School requires occasional assistance with providing tour guides for new and prospective families. If you would like to be a tour guide, please check the box below:
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Occasional Volunteers - Junior School and Upper School
Havergal is a very engaged and busy community! Many times the school will reach out to the HCPA to find volunteers to help with various projects, events or activities occurring at school. If you would like to be on the list of occasional volunteers and be notified by email, please check off the boxes below that pertain to you:
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