Confidential Reference Form
Hello! Solid Rock Bible Camp is a non-denominational camping ministry through which the applicant desires to serve Christ. Please fill out the following confidential reference form. We use these to better get to know those applying for summer staff positions. Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge of the applicant. Thank you!
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Is the applicant a Christian? *
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Describe the applicant's ability to form, execute, and follow through on plans. *
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Describe the spiritual life of the applicant as seen in daily living. *
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personal appearance
attitude towards authority
honesty and personal integrity
appropriateness towards opposite sex
Are there any eccentricities, practices, or personal habits which might cause friction or reduce the effectiveness of the application? *
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Are there any conditions that might affect their suitability for work in relation to home or family background? *
Have you ever known of him/her leading a person to Christ? *
Do you recommend the applicant as a member of staff? *
Would you want your children to be placed under the direct charge and influence of this person for a good percentage of each day?
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