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Thanks for helping us populate our crowdsourced map of EU funding! To contribute, just answer the following questions.
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Official name of the place, organisation, institution, building or structure.
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Total Funding *
Please add the amount of funding in pounds, if possible, in this format: £1,234,567
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Latitude and longitude. Find these by searching for the place on Google Maps, and copying the two numbers after the @ sign in the URL. Format is two numbers, separated by a comma e.g. 41.4111313,2.1548483 If you can’t find the exact coordinates, or you’re not sure the Google Maps location is correct, no worries! We’ll try to locate the place from the address instead.
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Full address of the place, if you know it. If not, do your best, and we’ll try to figure it out!
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Source *
Add a link to the source of the information. Ideally, this will be an official government website or document, but otherwise any reputable news source is good! BBC, national newspapers, local news, etc. This is just for fact checking purposes.
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Add a one sentence summary of the funding given: amount of funding, given to which organisation, given by which funding body, and the year if you know it.
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