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For A Change Online Retreat Details
December 9th-20th, 2017
Videos released weekly for personal study:
*Expert commentary from Crisis M.D and Master Martial Artist and educator on how to respond in Crisis.

Zoom Live streamed classes Wednesday nights 6:15- 7:30pm MST (12/6, 12/13, 12/20)
* Guided Movement Sequence
* Drop in to Presence Meditation
* Get to intimately know patterns in yourself around powerlessness, oppression, justice.
And upgrade where it's appropriate/desirable for you. #UPGRADE your Operating System

*First Aid and CPR certification (valid for 2 years) With Colorado Cardiac CPR and First Aid Training

$125 investment or $111 if you're doing CPR on your own
*First Aid/CPR Course is a required portion of this course. If you're not already certified (valid for 2 years) you can either take a course in your area, or join us at Enshin Karate 4730 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220 12/9 from 10-2pm
Let us know when you've completed your course and we'll send your Certificate!

*Please note: the CPR/First Aid certification is not included in the scholarship. A certification course will be offered in Denver, CO on Saturday December 9th 10- 2pm for a fee of $60 (This course is regularly $85-111 elsewhere)

King Sharp is based on an Attitude of Support model. This means that 10% of proceeds from this online retreat will benefit One Light Global. When you give to you, you also give to the living idea that we are One Light, and to the amazing organization of One Light Global
More about #attitudeofsupport and King Sharp @

Please share your desire to receive consideration for a scholarship by completing the following form:
*Please note, there are 2 scholarship places available. All applicants will be considered equally. Please note: First Aid and CPR certification cost $60 is not included in the scholarship.
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Would you be willing to consider starting a simple savings plan for yourself based on the tithe technology of 10%? Every time you receive any compensation: pay yourself first. 10% goes towards your savings. Another 10% goes to an organization/place/person where you feel spiritually fed. Would you consider 5%? Why or why not. *
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What areas of injustice feel most dire to you? Where do you notice the need for change? *
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Are you committed to full participation in this retreat, including watching the videos, participating online and receiving CPR/First Aid certification? *
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