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Surge is a Reproductive Justice (RJ) organization. RJ is an approach to health equity and reproductive health that uses a holistic lens to look at the whole person, their family, and their community for empowerment opportunities. The RJ approach brings together diverse communities and perspectives to reach solutions that are led by the communities most affected by reproductive oppression and racial injustice.


Our mission is to mobilize communities to build a world where all people can make powerful, self-determined choices for their bodies and the future of their families and communities. Our work centers Black women, femmes, and Black queer and trans people for a movement that rises from the bottom up. Currently, we are working on Black perinatal health, Medicaid access for doulas, and decriminalizing sex work in the state of Washington.


At Surge, we are committed to building a reproductive justice movement by: Building a shared analysis, developing leadership and deep relationships in our community, and making policy and systems change as a collective. 


With the vision to create presents and futures where our communities live free, self-determined, and dignified lives, we are aligning our practice of redistributing resources with reproductive justice values of access, engagement, and centering the voices, experiences, and leadership of people at the crosshairs of structural oppression. We acknowledge the abundance present within our communities and how this wealth in many ways has been taken and over-extracted via colonialism, chattel slavery, and racialized capitalism to name a few. It might take a long time to get to a place of justice, but we keep going together, deepening relationships and shifting power and resources to the communities most impacted.

Launched in November 2021, the Resource Mobilizing Program aims to build a shared intersectional analysis through political education and leadership development opportunities paired with redistribution of resources. We invite our contributors to engage in the reproductive justice (RJ) conversation as active participants in our struggle to end oppression. The focus of this experimental space is to deepen our connections as we practice mobilizing resources and building community together.

P.S.: You might’ve noticed (or not) that we changed the program name from Resource Mobilizer to Resource Mobilizing as an intentional way to focus on our practice, making space for reflection, flexibility, and adjustment as needed.


We invite you to commit to a 4-month process of learning with us.

Our work at SRJ reflects anti-racist organizing principles and reproductive justice values, we invite you to get familiar with these principles and values.

We are looking to form a cohort of people interested in growing their analysis together, and practice holding space for complexity and respectful disagreement.

This cohort will go through the leadership development trainings paired with a suggested practice + check-in circles in hopes of building a collective fund-shifting plan.

The training rate is a meaningful gift ranging from $0-$250 per training. However, everyone is welcome to join and no one is turned away for lack of funds.

Check this survey to help you decide how much to give!

After our trainings and debrief session, we will come together to build a fund-shifting plan towards the collective pledge of raising resources for sustaining SRJ's work in the upcoming year.

Afterwards, we will have a celebration together to honor this journey! 

We sincerely believe our collective liberation is made possible by building deeper relationships with one another. Our intention and dream for this program are for us all to be even more involved in the transformative work of our communities towards the vision of a world where all communities are free from reproductive oppression, racism, and violence.


There are three levels of engagement in the program: RJ Seeds, RJ Ambassadors, and RJ Mobilizers.

Read below for a breakdown of what they consist of: 

1) RJ Seeds: People who are committed to entering an organizing relationship and learn with us.

  • Commit to the program

  • Attend an orientation session

  • Attend online leadership development trainings

  • Participate in monthly check-ins after trainings to deepen understanding and share reflections

2) RJ Ambassadors: People who have attended orientation + leadership development trainings and want to show their commitment to sustaining SRJ’s work.

  • Support building a collective fundraising/fund-shifting plan 

  • Organize 3+ people in their community to attend the next cohort

3) RJ Mobilizers: People who are ready to take informed action based on a shared critical analysis and collective vision. 

  • Complete leadership development curriculum

  • Mobilize resources to reach collective fundraising/fund-shifting goal 

  • Attend a community celebration following completion of the program

Leadership Development trainings:

Undoing Institutional Racism snack

Reproductive Justice 101

Resource Mobilizing 101   

Resourcing The Movement

Debrief Session


Celebration at the end!🎊 


If you read all of this, I ask you to pause and take a breath. Drop back in your body. What is present? Did all of this resonate with how you want to show up for our collective at this time?

If yes is the answer, please send me a “Hi I’m interested in becoming an RJ mobilizer!” at and/or fill out this quick form below! 


Obrigada for your interest in mobilizing with us!

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